First Bavaria Deep Blue 46 SportTop delivered


Since its market introduction, the Deep Blue 46 Open has received great feedback from dealers, the international trade press and customers. The SportTop version shows features that have already proven to be popular on her sister ship. Thanks to the GFK-Sport Top with built-in sliding sun roof it is easy, quick and simple to enjoy swapping from sunbathing to sitting in the shade without having to put up the complex hood.

The cockpit is therefore protected by the SportTop thus making a longer use of the Deep Blue 46 possible, starting long before the main season and continuing even longer beyond the summer season.

The Deep Blue 46 SportTop, just like the Open, was created in close cooperation with the yachting and engineering experts, Blank and Petersen, who are responsible for the naval architecture and engineering on the Deep Blue 46 Series. Blank and Petersen are specialized into yacht engineering, naval architecture, project planning and consulting, tender for mega yachts, calculations to EN-ISO standards (CE) and classification companies.



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