Gresso presents iPhone 4 Black Diamond


High technologies in combination with rare materials

Case of the model is produced from 200-year-old African Blackwood which has become a flagship of Gresso mobile phones. Ornament of the case is a branded Apple made of 18-karat gold and inlaid with magnificent black diamond rarely occurring in nature. Super-hard titanium Black PVD coating is applied in vacuum to the steel frame located along the perimeter of the case, emphasizing diamond glitter.

Probability of signal loss is completely eliminated in iPhone 4 Black Diamond by Gresso. The solution of the problem is antenna (steel frame along the perimeter of the case) with Black PVD coating. Incredibly beautiful and durable Black PVD coating is at the same time a perfect dielectric. This feature of the coating permits not to use protective cover any more and not to worry about loss of signal during conversation.

In the near future iPhone 4 Black Diamond limited series will come into the market.
In Russia one can purchase Apple iPhone 4 in the Gresso authorized dealer centers or at the company website –

iPhone 4 Black Diamond price is 10 000 $.


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