Montblanc Jewellery Collection La Dame Blanche Etoile de Montblanc


Powerful in design and appearance, the two newly designed rings are in white gold with onyx or with white agate, both with diamonds pavé. Totaling 0.80ct and surrounding the hard cut stone, the pavé is composed of round brilliant diamonds of different sizes, emphasizing the contrast between the softness of the gold and the bold black or white stones.

Drawing on Montblanc´s expertise as the maker of the finest writing instruments, the Etoile de Montblanc rings are inspired by the Ladies´ Writing Instrument Collection perfectly integrating the shape of the cap into the powerful rings. The Etoile Précieuse writing instrument collection features a beautiful diamond pavé surrounding on its cap, a design that is reflected in the new generation Jewellery collection.

In addition, the strong, womanly character of the seductive five rings of La Dame Blanche Etoile de Montblanc collection is imbued with the brilliance and passion of La Dame Blanche. This collection, christened the “White Lady”, as the French respectfully refer to the summit of the Mont Blanc Massif, is considered a masterpiece within Montblanc Ladies Fine Jewellery.

La Dame Blanche Etoile de Montblanc is recognized for its distinctive hallmark – an intriguingly positioned Montblanc Diamond.

As a signature the Montblanc Diamond is discreetly featured within each piece, inlaid upon the 18 carat gold band beneath the powerful setting of each ring. Bright, elegant and timeless, the Montblanc Diamond is uniquely cut in the shape of the Montblanc star, with strong brilliance and a second star deep within the diamond itself. This painstakingly crafted unusual stellar cut magically enables light to “dance” from within it, creating exceptional fire and sparkle. Invented in 2006, after eight years of research and development, the Montblanc Diamond pays homage to Montblanc – a symbol of the highest standards of perfection and art.

The choice of colours of the stones in these two new rings – in pure white or dramatic black – not only reflect Monblanc´s brand identity but are also classic and powerful colours in the world of fine jewellery conjuring thoughts of bold sensuality or pure serenity. Each of these five rings will enhance the distinct qualities of the woman wearing – elegance, sophistication and confidence.

La Dame Blanche Etoile de Montblanc with its two new additions will launch in July 2010 and will be available at selected Montblanc boutiques worldwide.


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