Bang & Olufsen launches 40-inch beauty with brains


“BeoVision 10 is the Bang & Olufsen answer to a flat screen concept designed to be wall mounted. In every detail the design has been optimised for wall placement, at the same time it has been very important for us to secure an outstanding sound performance – also when it comes to an extremely flat TV like this one”, Product Manager Heidi Hausted Fredberg explains.

The 40-inch, full HD TV is a new exciting LED-based, 200/240 Hz LCD panel with impressive picture performance applying the latest picture improvements technologies. The 200/240 Hz technology combined with sophisticated motion compensation technologies take the motion performance of the LCD panel to a yet unseen level of smoothness. Besides a fantastic picture the slim beauty offers an impressive sound performance. BeoVision 10 has an integrated stereo speaker placed below the screen and covered by a fabric front. It offers integrated surround sound and DVB-HD module, electronic curtains and an extensive connection panel allowing you to add up to five extra speakers for a surround sound setup.

BeoVision 10 is discretely hinged in the left or right-hand side, allowing you to manually pull it out to an angle of 45 degrees from the wall which offers you extended viewing comfort. 

Slim design thanks to LED-based LCD technology
The slim design of BeoVision 10 is obtained by applying a new LCD technology, where an edge-type LED backlight is used, and by placing the chassis and the loudspeakers below the LCD screen. The backlight unit consists of a large number of white LEDs positioned all around at the edge of the panel. The light from the LED’s is spread evenly across the panel by means of an optical light guide system.

The entire TV solution is covered by an elegant front glass with a sophisticated anti-reflection coating and framed by a high-gloss polished aluminium profile on both front and rear. The designer has been playing with both surface treatment and angles trying to get the maximum surface on the screen. The two aluminium profiles are angled which means they take up a minimum part of the total glass covered TV surface. This has resulted in one large piece of black glass in a square format which enhances the impression of the TV as an elegant wall decoration when switched off.

The slim look is further enhanced by the curved rear profile that reflects the colour of the wall and thereby gives optical impression of almost being part of the wall. The frame is split in a front and a rear part to make the TV look thinner. As a result, you can hardly see the rear frame, even when looking at the TV from an angle.

The combination of glass, high-gloss polished aluminium and a completely black screen makes BeoVision 10 an extremely elegant solution in any environment.

Genius acoustic solutions
Although BeoVision 10 is a flat screen TV, it offers anything but flat sound. It has a genuine active two-way stereo loudspeaker system with a centre bass. The bass system is ported while the treble and midrange are working in a closed cabinet. The acoustic engineers have met the challenge of the slim TV, by making a creative bass port design. By placing the port opening behind the screen you get a better bass performance as noise and turbulence from this port is masked by the screen.

Colour of your choice for the loudspeaker
The appearance of the black glass surface is broken by a rectangular fabric front cover for the speakers. The cover is surrounded by glass so it visually hovers above the glass surface. The cover will be available in black, white, silver, dark grey, blue and orange. The front is just clicked on with magnets so it is very easy to change colour whenever you wish.


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