Ferguson Hill FH007 Receives Universal Accolades


Deerfield, IL – December 1, 2006 – The Ferguson Hill FH007 Mini Speaker System is designed for use with iPods, desktop PCs and all other portable media, providing a full-scale audio experience in a compact package. Pre-production prototypes were displayed at multiple trade shows earlier this year and quickly found a significant place in the increasingly crowded iPod speaker market. Consumers and audiophile professionals recognized the FH007’s unique combination of high-end sound, stunning aesthetics and relevance to some of today’s most popular technologies. In a field where diverging opinions are the rule, the FH007 received universal accolades.

Unlike virtually all others, the FH007 is a truly high end product with sound quality one would expect to find only in full-sized audiophile systems. The system is characterized by unusually good sound-staging, acoustic depth, dynamics, transparency and temporal coherence. Used with the popular MP3 players, desktop computers, CD/DVD players and any other audio device, the FH007 brings the high-end listening experience to the general public.

Another characteristic of the FH007 is its stunning physical appearance. Ferguson Hill’s unique design sets it apart, with transparent horn speakers and spherical bass units. Not only does the transparent design look beautiful, it also creates the illusion of space thereby preventing one’s room or desktop from appearing cluttered. While the audiophile field is populated almost exclusively by men, the FH007 has become popular among women who find the design aesthetically pleasing and physically unimposing.

Ultimate Audio Video, the North American distributor for Ferguson Hill products, will receive for distribution a limited number of FH007 systems in late-December, with additional availability in late winter 2007. A companion subwoofer (FH008) will be introduced at that time.

• 2 Front Loaded Horn Dipole Speakers / 8 Ohm
• 2 Bass Speakers / 8 Ohm
• Integrated Amplifier / Bi-Amped class A/B (Class A for first 1.5 watts)
• 16 Watts times four into 8 Ohms
• Frequency Response 75Hz – 20KHx +/- 5dB (0.5 meter in-room response)
• Bass level fine tuning adjustment of +/- 6dB
• Inputs: Stereo Phono & Stereo Mini jack
• Size: Amp – 5.5 inch cube; Horns – 17x10x7 inches; Bass Units – 9 inch diameter
• Retail price: $1195 USD


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