ARCHOS 5 and ARCHOS 7 deliver the entire internet and multimedia world in a handheld tablet


ARCHOS redefines high-end portable devices with an ultra-thin design, combined with a new interface and an ergonomic design for surfing the Web and getting instant access to media content. Customers can access their favourite video and music content by creating shortcuts directly on the homepage.

The new ultra-thin Internet Media Tablets provide the power of a laptop with the world’s first implementation of the ARM® Cortex™ superscalar microprocessor and a high resolution 5” or 7’’ touch screen (800×480), which lets you enjoy media content in high quality. The new processing power means users of ARCHOS’ Internet Media Tablets now have an unrivalled way to surf the Web on the go, with web pages fully displayed on the ARCHOS screen as with a PC.

One of the best features of the new line of products is the fully-fledged email application, which lets you check and reply to emails and share attachments with anyone (only compatible formats).

The 3.5G connection from ARCHOS offers a permanent connection to stay in touch and  enjoy media content while on the go.

You can enjoy new animated wallpapers, high resolution playback with the HDMI output on TV, a capacity up to 320 GB and a search engine facility to easily find files. Henry Crohas, founder and CEO of ARCHOS comments: ‘’Today we are faced with constant technology innovations in the Personal Media Player market, with media devices that let the customer enjoy the Internet on the move via a 3.5G connection. ARCHOS now introduces a new concept by delivering the Internet Media Tablets. This new line of products redefines media on the move : it is a real 100% Internet multimedia platform using a WiFi and/or 3.5GHSDPA connection. For the first time, the customer now has permanent connection to the Internet in a handheld device as they would have on their PC. What’s more, ARCHOS’ TVcentric expertise allows the customer to enjoy their multimedia entertainment and the Internet on their TV! ‘’

UK Managing Director Tony Limrick adds: ‘’Today we break the rules, we want to push the boundaries to meet the needs of the modern day consumer by delivering the ARCHOS Internet Media Tablet, a device which truly redefines media on the move ‘’

Uncompromised Web surfing in the palm of the hand

The ARCHOS Internet Media Tablets offer a new internet experience: the customer will enjoy quick full page Web surfing, an email application, Web videos, Web TV and even web radio streaming.

Full Web surfing
The ARCHOS Internet Media Tablets provide an unrivalled way to surf the Web on the go. No need to zoom in and out as on a PDA or a Smartphone, web pages are displayed full size on the ARCHOS screen. The ARM® Cortex™ superscalar microprocessor combined with the high resolution screen gives the ARCHOS 5 and 7 the power of a laptop for the ultimate web surfing experience. Plus, with Adobe Flash™ 9 video support, you can natively browse video-sharing websites such as Dailymotion™ and Youtube™.
24/7 Connection
The 3.5G technology for the ARCHOS 5g lets you enjoy a permanent connection to the Web and access to emails via a 3.5G/HSDPA network connection.When connected, via the Mini Dock, to a 3.5G – HSDPA USB dongle, the ARCHOS 5 and 7 can be connected to a 3.5G network, thanks to a plug-in available in the 4th quarter.
Email Application
The email application allows you to check emails on the go directly on the Internet Media Tablet. The IMAP or POP email service allows you to send, reply to and transfer emails easily. All attachments can be stored on the ARCHOS device’s hard drive and be shared (compatible formats). The virtual keyboard makes writing emails a quick and easy task.
Web TV and Web Radio
ARCHOS’ tablets let you access nearly 1,000 Web TV channels, over 10,000 Web radio stations and 100,000 podcasts in less than 3 clicks. Radio and TV start streaming instantly from a worldwide list of traditional and independent stations. It’s easy to watch daily news and sport at any time, whether you are at home or on the go.

An entire digital library in a thin handheld tablet

The ARCHOS Media Club provides easy access to large media content library directly on your device.

Media Club
The Media Club remains the easiest way to get video and music content on the go, with an even richer library of movies, documentaries, music albums and games from new partners and the biggest industry players. Media is available to buy or rent in a couple of taps and start watching instantly on the ARCHOS Internet Media Tablet.
Videos, Photos and Music
The high resolution 5” or 7” screen delivers the finest image available on a portable device, with the same viewing comfort as a 32” or 42” TV screen in a living room. Videos in DVD or HD quality on the go never looked so good. The high resolution screen perfectly reproduces each picture in such detail that individual pixel can’t even be seen. You can browse through photos with a simple flick of the finger or play a slideshow of your last vacation, with transition and music effects. Fans of music can bring their entire CD collection with them on their ARCHOS device, and even create playlists without using a PC, and with the album artwork covers your music will come to life. You can enjoy a large choice of games on your ARCHOS, such as poker, Sudoku or a round of golf. Premium games can be purchased directly from the tablet or at, and other Flash™ based games are downloadable for free on the Web. At home, it is easy to watch a movie or listen to music stored on a PC, directly on an ARCHOS device without transferring the file. Just browse the PC hard drive wirelessly and play any file stored on it by streaming it via a WiFi network. No transfer needed, just stream.
Transfer and store media content
The ARCHOS 5 and 7 allow you to transfer files quickly and easily via the USB 2.0 connection to a PC (can be used as a portable hard drive). The optional Mini Dock also lets you transfer photos directly from a digital camera, USB key or USB hard drive to the ARCHOS to enjoy photos on the go. Your entire personal library can be stored on the ARCHOS 5 or 7 thanks to its high capacity hard drive of up to 320 GB: all media content resides in the palm of the hand.

The best TV experience at home with the optional DVR STATION

With the optional DVR Station, the ARCHOS tablets offer a fast and easy way to record TV programs for viewing back directly on the tablet or TV..

TV recording
The TV program guide lets you easily schedule and record movies and TV programs. TV shows can be located on the program guide grid and recordings scheduled, allowing you to enjoy your favourite programs when and where you want.

If it is on your ARCHOS, it is on your TV
Once connected to the DVR Station, the ARCHOS 5 or 7 can turn a TV into a real multimedia platform connected to the Web to enjoy all the ARCHOS’ functions on the big screen. Movies can be enjoyed in HD quality, as well as music, high resolution pictures, games or the Worldwide Web.

Your Home TV wherever you are !
With the TVportation plug-in, you will be able to broadcast live TV to a portable device, such as a Smartphone, laptop or ARCHOS’ Internet Media Tablet, anywhere in the world via a WiFi connection. The new feature allows you to watch your favourite TV programs at home, or on the go.

A large choice of accessories to personalise the ARCHOS tablet

Many functions can be added to your ARCHOS 5 and 7 thanks to the large choice of accessories. Recording TV, watching videos on a TV and charging an ARCHOS device are the main features of the DVR Station. You can easily schedule and record TV programs from a satellite receiver, cable box or digital TV adapter with the Electronic Program Guide. The remote control with its keyboard and built-in mouse allow you to surf the Web or stream videos on TV from the comfort of your sofa.

Perfect for when your on the go, the Mini Dock charges your ARCHOS tablet quickly (approx. 3h), and let you transfer files directly from a USB key or a digital camera, watch videos on a TV via the Video Output (S-Video in high quality or Composite in standard quality). The optional 3.5G Ready plug-in lets the customer have permanent access to the Internet via a 3.5G USB connection.

The GPS in-car holder turns the ARCHOS 5 into a fully fledged GPS.

Available at the end of 2008, the TV Snap-on turns the ARCHOS 5 or 7 into a digital TV to receive free digital TV channels and record programs in DVD high quality.

Use the optional plug-ins to play more audio and video formats:
– HiDef Video Plug-in to watch movies in HD quality up to 720p resolution (24f/s MPEG4 and WMV formats);
– Cinema Plug-in to playback videos in DVD quality (MPEG-2/VOB formats with AC3 sound);
– Podcast Video Plug-in to playback video podcasts with H.264 and MPEG4 formats, and to listen to audio podcasts with AAC sound.

A large choice of other accessories is also available, such as the Battery Dock to get more battery life, the Helmet Cam to record sports events or week ends with the family, and the DVR Snap-on for recordings on the go.

Pricing and Availability

The ARCHOS 5, 5g and 7 tablets will be available from selected retailers and the ARCHOS online store from August onwards. ARCHOS 5 is available from September. ARCHOS 7 from October, and ARCHOS 5G from Q4 2008.

The ARCHOS 5 has a recommended retail price of £279.99 for the 60GB version, £319.99 for the 120GB, and £359.99 for 250GB.

The 30 GB ARCHOS 5G device is priced at £359.99.

The ARCHOS 7 is available with a recommended starting at £359.99 for the 160GB and £439.99 for the 320GB.

All products are supplied with headphones, an ARCHOS USB 2.0 cable (for file transfer and product charging), an adaptor for the DVR Station and mains charger (only for the ARCHOS 7)


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