CIRRUS AIRCRAFT announces new aircraft model lineup for 2009


Enhancing the Cirrus ownership experience, Cirrus also launched CMX™, its new “assurance by the 100-hour” pre-purchased maintenance and service program.

In making the announcement to a live global media audience, Cirrus Chairman Alan Klapmeier summarized “From an SR20 S starting at $269,900 to a TURBO GTS with known ice protection for $598,500, we believe our lineup today is the most compelling ever offered in general aviation. More than ever, each Cirrus model addresses a unique market segment and we have listened to our owners to understand their preferred equipment and option packages both here and abroad. Today, our new lineup of SR20, SR22, and now simply ‘TURBO’ – with new S, GS, GTS and X-Edition option packages available on each – takes the unique Cirrus combination of performance, capability and value even further and well beyond any other airplane available in the GA marketplace today.”

Easily the most significant new component for new SR22 and TURBO models is the option for “flight into known icing” (FIKI). Cirrus Aircraft partnered with CAV Ice Protection Ltd. (formerly TKS) to develop the latest Known Ice Protection system certified in general aviation by re-engineering several features in new ways – as has become expected from the Cirrus engineering team.

Three new option packages – S, GS, and GTS – each offer an unprecedented collection of standard features and equipment and each are the result of world-class engineering and performance meeting world-class craftsmanship and luxury. And with the new piston model lineup in 2009, all Cirrus aircraft are now available with Cirrus Perspective by Garmin™.
S Generously featured and characterized by value for the new pilot, fleet, or institutional operator. Ten-inch PFD and MFD screens and the S-TEC 55SR autopilot comes standard on our entry-level, full-featured model.

GS Upgrading to a well-equipped “GS” model moves to 12” screens, S-TEC 55X autopilot, ‘basic’ ice protection for the SR22 and TURBO, unique exterior and interior scheme options and other features based on selected avionics platform.

GTS The Cirrus flagship comes comprehensively equipped with – or replaces – all components of the previous two levels and adds dual AHRS, Garmin GFC700 digital autopilot, Synthetic Vision Technology, upgrades to Known Ice Protection for SR22 and TURBO models, premium-level exterior scheme options and additional features dependent on selected avionics platform.

Now standard on all products is a Mode S transponder and on aircraft with either the Basic or Known Ice Protection System, leading edge protectant is now included. Avidyne, the system that brought glass to GA and the Cirrus cockpit, remains available across all models. Complete option package details are available online a

An all-new and very distinctive choice available on all three aircraft models, “X-Edition”, provides customers with a unique combination of ultra-premium, personalized interior and exterior upgrades. X-Edition features include a striking new exterior paint scheme; the introduction of Alcantara™ into the cabin – another first for Cirrus Aircraft; contrasting seat, yoke and glare shield stitching; genuine carbon fiber instrument panel accents; an all new suede headliner; unique X-Edition interior and exterior badging and more.

Cirrus Aircraft Vice President of Marketing Todd Simmons summarized, “In contrast to many others that are actually removing features and value in response to economic and other external pressures, our approach is just the opposite. With today’s lineup announcement, we have added significant new capability and utility to all three of our aircraft models and we’ve made these new features standard equipment within three value-priced and well-equipped packages in S, GS, and GTS.”

Simmons concluded, “Our goal at Cirrus is to continue to offer industry-leading, innovative products and services to our customers and pilots that ultimately allow for broader participation in all the personal and business benefits of general aviation. Here in early 2009 we are again rising to meet the high standard … its all part of making the world’s best-selling aircraft even better.”


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