Brionvega Invaders


The BRIONVEGA INVASION is the latest project for Super//Fluo, the dynamic company responsible for the relaunch of the historic consumer electronic brand Brionvega at last years’  Salone del Mobile.(2007 TV WITH LOVE)

For this years’ edition, the BRIONVEGA INVASION has selected to exhibit and display Brionvega televisions at several exclusive and trendy locations in the city, ranging from fashion & design stores to locales where one can meet and interact with the design community. To experience the Salone in a playful rather than traditional spirit, in full Super//Fluo style which distinguishes itself for its informal mood which is both young and fresh.

Visitors and afficionados of the Fuori Salone will have the opportunity to touch and experience these ‘little’ Brionvega materpieces in technology that represent the values of this brand in a most contemporary way.

Brionvega ALPHA
The icon, the past, the dream, the Italianness, the design and the future. Definitely too many meanings for a TV set. The bare necessary for ALPHA, the new generation of Brionvega TV sets.

An LCD TV set with built-in DVD player, characterized by a design which reminds of the immortal decorative masterpieces of the Thirties: Le Corbusier, Breuer, Mies, Eileen Gray.

Alpha is composed of two slender elements joint by a frame in chrome tube within which the special wirings are pulsing. A choice which comes from the rejection of the assumed bidimensionality of common LCD screens, always supported by a cumbersome pedestal, and which focuses on a new layout with the capability of containing the space required by electronics and DVD player.

Even the remote control has attracted a lot of attentions: you perceive the quality of the entire product from the moment you hold it in your hand. Indeed, the material used is die-cast aluminum, not metallized plastic, you just have to place it upside down on the table to find once again all the Brionvega design.

Brionvega Doney
Doney is the TV set symbol of the effectiveness of simple ideas. For this reason, just one change has been made, with the clear intent to respect such a masterpiece, created in 1962.

The Doney Numbered Edition maintains the classic Doney colors, but is now visually lightened by the shiny chroming of the bottom shell.

This new edition totals 100 models in Chromed Night Black color, 100 in Chromed Snow White color and 99 in Chromed Orange Sun color, all rigorously laser-marked, equipped with metal identification tag and in an exclusive aluminum packaging.

The Doney Numbered Edition shines of its own light and reflects everything around it. Looking at it carefully, it almost looks like it’s smiling.

Brionvega ALGOL
The archetype of the TV set par excellence, over the years Algol has become the symbol of Brionvega.

Its compactness, its “snout” turned upwards have made it irresistible for generations.

Today, Brionvega reinterprets this masterpiece through the usage of the Army Green color and “plays it down” by adopting a new gummy finishing. The Algol Numbered Edition does not only mean to interact with vision, it also wants to be touched, held and then admired again, to make you feel best this new contrast between the brightness of the screen and the chrome details and the opacity of the body. The inerasable laser marking on a side of the screen, the metal identification tag and the aluminum packaging underline its uniqueness.

The Algol Numbered Edition loves to be recognized.


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