Like the Discobolos of Myron, which inspired it, its design represents the essence of dynamic, modern style, as realized with a balanced, mechanical technique and no shortcuts.

The Diagono line reinvents the concept of elegance applied to contemporary sports watches, using dynamic lines and high-precision mechanics. Gold, steel, and rubber, worked with the same attention and precision, characterize the oversized case and refined finishing elements. The design highlighted by the new, flat bezel and the deliberate alternation of glossy and matte surfaces underscores the characteristic two-tone color scheme on certain models. The double Bulgari logo reaffirms its character and identity. The matte finish bracelet requires 90 manual operations, with the result that its 106 components achieve the required functional perfection. On the steel versions, the folding steel clasp with a double safety button ensures comfort, efficiency, and precision. These concepts of functionality and solidity are also applied on the chronographic buttons with the addition of a new non-skid surface realized in different versions: steel, gold, or rubber. The dials have a sophisticated relief treatment, which lend depth and luminosity to the ensemble. The refined, hand-applied indices and réhauts render these watches even more precious. The newly redesigned and extremely dynamic hands have a skeleton form and luminescent interior. Now offering the GMT or chronograph version, with the latter also being offered in women’s sizes, the Diagono always uses top-quality Swiss movements, guaranteeing maximum precision and durability over time.

Diagono Calibro 303
Realized to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Diagono, the Diagono Calibro 303 perfectly represents the new trend adopted by this collection. Its case, comprised of 75 different elements and the fruit of lengthy design, is characterized by a new bezel with a flat, white gold profile. A veritable monument to watchmaking know-how, the Calibro 303 features extreme attention to detail, such as the anti-skid surface with vertical lines on the two chronographic buttons, the double matte and glossy finish of the case, and the embracing design of the winding crown guard. The new dial is realized on three levels with different types of finishing: a metal base with Satinée Soleil decoration; an upper anthracite level with vertical treatment; supplemental counters finished with circular trim; faceted, luminescent, and hand-applied indices; an external, hand-applied réhaut with details. A BVL 303 caliber movement is visible through the sapphire glass window on the back. The number “303” indicates the number of components comprising it: exactly 303. This handmade, self-winding chronograph has an especially thin profile that renders the watch extremely pleasant to wear. Its development requires 3,520 hours of work and the use of 10 different materials. The base plate alone, which is the skeleton of the movement, requires 250 different manual finishing and polishing operations. The sophisticated system for distributing the chronographic functions is technologically significant, being realized with a column wheel, while a vertically mounted pinion prevents jumping during start-up, stopping, and resetting of the chronograph. Every watch is tested for water resistance to a depth of 100 meters, offering the end user the most severe guarantee of quality.

Complicated watches are born from the desire to create unique timepieces and represent the highest expression of Swiss watchmaking, not only for the high quality of their workmanship but also for the exclusive nature of their functions. A “complicated” watch is characterized by information in addition to the hour and minutes, take 10,000 hours to develop and 1,000 hours to make, finish, assemble, and inspect. Bulgari craftsmanship develops and produces complicated movements in-house, such as the Diagono Tourbillon and the Diagono Phases de Lune. The BVL 347 caliber of the Diagono Phases de Lune with its exclusive display of moon phases, and retrograde date and day display (150°), is comprised by 347 components that are finished and assembled by hand. Featuring an oscillating disc of the lunar phases, whose hand indicates the eight phases of the moon, the arrow in the window indicates whether the moon is waxing or waning. Another exclusive feature is the skeleton of the oscillating mass, realized with six different components and eight types of finish executed entirely by hand. The BVL 200 caliber of the Diagono Tourbillon is a handmade Bulgari movement with indication of the power reserve and a tourbillon mechanism whose cage consists of 52 components. Each individual watch in this limited edition is entirely handmade by the same Master Watchmaker, who guarantees its functions and precision.

Diagono Professional addresses the needs of people who use their watch as a high precision instrument. Three worlds and three different functions are hallmarked by the same drive for perfection: earth, water, and air are the basic elements featured in three different and unique models. The 42 mm diameter case is realized with materials of tested quality and resistance: steel or gold. The exclusive use of mechanical movements with COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) certification guarantees the precision of each and every movement after severe tests conducted over the course of 15 days at different temperatures and positions.

The star of the Diagono Professional Terra is its tachymeter, essential for measuring speed. Placed on the bezel, its natural complement is the automatic chronograph. Water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters, it has conversion scales for kilometers/miles and liters/gallons engraved on the back.

The Diagono Professional Acqua not only guarantees water resistance up to 300 meters, it also uses extremely high precision materials and technology. Equipped with a screw-on winding crown and back, O-ring gaskets on all joints, extra-thick curved sapphire glass, it has a deeply grooved, mono-directional winding bezel with 120 stops that can be easily manipulated while wearing wetsuit gloves. The new dials have a wave background, oversized hands with a large Superluminova luminescent zone to ensure perfect legibility under low-light conditions.

The Diagono Professional Aria displays three time zones simultaneously. This is accomplished through the combined use of the arrow hand, the two-tone day-night réhaut, and the bi-directional winding bezel with a 24-hour scale. Water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters, it is distinguished by its large winding crown guard, the screw-on mounting of the pushbuttons, and the relief drawing of a planisphere in the screw-on back.


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