A corner of paradise


A fascinating immersion into a shimmering lagoon…

to find unexpected treasures.

First of all, the ceaseless wonderment of tropical waters. Blue-tinted aquamarines, green tourmalines, amethysts and diamonds create a smooth chromatic flow that is a sheer visual delight. The magic gemstones waft gracefully to shore on necklaces, earrings and watches, like drops of rain warmed by the sun.

Then it’s time to explore the atolls. The delicate purity of coral is interpreted by gleaming precious metal and gems. Nature reigns supreme. White gold is skilfully fashioned to form the gentle arborescence of a luminous diamond-studded reef.

Finally, a stunning marine life encounter, in which hundreds of white gold, diamond and Akoya pearl “scales” undulate over a stretch of beautifully tanned skin. Worthy heirs to historical know-how, cuff-watches float gently away on the tide. The pink gold version is immersed by a delightful breaker wave of brown sapphires and copper-coloured, orange and pink garnets. 

An exotic island…

that captivates the senses.

Within this verdant paradise, yellow sapphires surrounded by five white chalcedony petals form resplendent frangipani flowers. A glowing token of genuine welcome, they rest tenderly against the skin or slide into the hair like a promise of tenderness. A ring, necklace, earrings and hairband whisper tales of the gentle island way of life. A secret watch revealing an entirely paved dial beneath a diamond-studded bed of flowers symbolises the magic of time that stands still to allow one to savour the moment in hand. The generously rounded white gold case is softened by a delicate openworked motif: the exquisitely scalloped material filters the light and covers time with a protective shadow, transforming the watch into a sparkling pattern of plant-life arabesques.

Suddenly, a few carefree butterflies drawn to the heady floral fragrance flit onto the twilight scene. Playing on the warm breezes, their diamond wings flutter around a 17-carat Ceylon diamond set on a white gold ring. A necklace, earrings and bracelet – adorned with fiery red rubies or sky blue sapphires –quiver joyfully around irresistibly graceful feminine curves.

A fairytale crossing…

drifting with the current.

The exhilaration of the open seas is expressed through the daintily interwoven rope motif. A necklace and earrings cast off for an exotic moonlit cruise, while diamonds form flamboyant sailing knots. An exciting premonition of adventure sends a tingle down the spine; the journey can begin.

Limelight Paradise, a delightfully enchanting experience pervaded by serene beauty and voluptuous luxury. A feast for the senses in which paradise offers a taste of eternity.


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