The distinctive new collection, comprising the Steinway & Sons Grand Speaker Systems – Model LS Series and the Steinway & Sons Architectural Speaker Systems – Model M Series, Digital Amplifier Model A1 and Surround Sound Processor Model P1, are built with the same commitment to uncompromised performance and outstanding design, extending the extraordinary legacy of Steinway Lyngdorf Music Systems to the home theater segment.

Combined with the recent launch of the distinctive Model C Music System, the new collection of home theatre sound systems represents a further extension of the unprecedented breakthrough in sound brought forth by Steinway Lyngdorf, a visionary collaboration between Steinway & Sons, the renowned maker of the world’s finest pianos, and Peter Lyngdorf, Europe’s pre-eminent audio manufacturer.

“We are responding to a new era in home theater entertainment where we encounter discerning customers who expect the best and most harmonious sensory entertainment experiences in the intimacy of their homes. Not only do they demand the ultimate in sonic experiences, they consider elements such as design appeal, ease of use, and quality in finishes as integral to their holistic appreciation of the product and the experience it delivers,” said Peter Lyngdorf, Founder, Steinway Lyngdorf. “Our team of designers and engineers have worked together for months to create a family of home theater products that meet these exacting needs, without compromise.”

Building on the success of the Steinway & Sons Models D and C, the time was right to introduce Peter Lyngdorf’s revolutionary technology to the home theater market. With more households than ever installing and quality.

“I have spent my career seeking out home theater technologies that can deliver on the sound that I desire for my clientele,” said Anthony Grimani, President of PMI, a veteran of both Dolby and Lucasfilm THX. “With Steinway Lyngdorf’s new home theater products, my team and I will be able to design home theaters producing sounds unlike anything we have created before.”

The Steinway & Sons Grand Speaker Systems – Model LS Series is created for those who seek to indulge their love for movie and music by demanding the most life-like home entertainment experiences.

Model LS Series, which employs the line source approach, allows for a cylindrical sound dispersion pattern from the loudspeaker. Additionally, the floor-to-ceiling extension of the line source speakers provide a very effective and uniform coupling to the room, thus dramatically reducing a major source of room influence. Compared to conventional speaker designs,  sound pressure from a line source speaker decreases more gradually in relation to a listener’s position away from the speaker. This makes the Model LS Series ideal for music listening in generously proportioned rooms as well as home theater experiences.

These powerful line source speakers are mountable in-wall and offer a rich acoustic performance for large home theaters. Modular by design, the Model LS Grand Speaker System is easily stacked up to envelop larger rooms and offer beautiful and seamless integration into any interior decor.

The Steinway & Sons Architectural Speaker Systems – Model M Series are flexible, dynamic speakers to provide a beautiful acoustical experience. They are especially designed for medium to large listening rooms, and serves as a passive stereo or multi-channel speaker and boundary woofer system. The Model M Series offers a range of on-wall, semi in-wall and on-wall speakers and boundary woofers delivering extraordinary sound in combination with Steinway Lyngdorf’s proprietary fully digital amplification and improved 8 channel RoomPerfect™ 3-D room adaptation technology.

Both the Steinway & Sons Model LS and Model M Series incorporate Steinway Lyngdorf’s proprietary RoomPerfect™ technology. Representing years of research and one of the most comprehensive patents in the history of acoustics, it produces the world’s first full 3- dimensional map of a room’s sound field and adjusts the home theatre sound system to overcome spatial influences. By delivering a uniform tonal balance throughout the entire listening space, RoomPerfect™ ensures extraordinary sound quality for every seat in the house.

The Steinway & Sons Home Theater Sound Systems takes high definition to a whole new level through its innovative digital signal path direct from source to speaker using the roprietary Steinway Lyngdorf Link. The Steinway Lyngdorf Link is the first and only one in the world to maintain full resolution of the new high definition audio standards in the entire audio system. By keeping the high definition audio stream fully in the digital domain until it reaches the speakers, and combining this innovation with the ground breaking 8-channel room adaptation processing and true bass management, razor-sharp dynamics is ensured and realism beyond compare.

With the digital amplifier Model A1, its sonic performance is breathtaking and its power capabilities are truly remarkable. The Model A1 Digital Amplifier is the driving power behind an ideal home theater setup. Capable of delivering an outstanding 400 watts per channel, the Model A1 offers full sound resolution and dynamic range at both the highest and lowest volume levels.

As a testament to audio engineering at its best, the Model P1 Surround Sound Processor elevates movie enjoyment beyond imagination. Employing the most advanced decoding technology available with HDMI 1.3 support, the Model P1 Surround Sound Processor delivers a complete high-definition experience. From the source to the speaker, it is the first processor to decode the audio signal entirely in the digital domain via the proprietary Steinway Lyngdorf Link. When combined with our 8 channel RoomPerfectTM adaptation technology, the Model P1 Surround Sound Processor produces the purest audio ever achieved, tailor-made for the home theater connoisseur.


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