StarWalker Midnight Black: When Montlanc combines modern design and innovation with the finest writing traditions


When the creator of the famous Meisterstück launched the StarWalker line in 2003, Montblanc heralded a new era in writing instrument design by using extraordinary materials and pushing the boundaries of traditional product design. The purpose of the Montblanc StarWalker line was ultimately to a new generation of writing instruments enthusiasts who wished to make a statement while relying on the standards of quality set by Montblanc over the past 100 years.

The Montblanc StarWalker Midnight Black collection is defined by their ergonomic and futuristic shape, and the ingenious use of original materials. The Montblanc StarWalker Midnight Black stands out from other designs with their unique monochrome appearance. The dark grey colour of the instrument guarantees elegant appearance of these writing instruments. Even the 14K gold nib has been coated with ruthenium, a rare transition metal of the platinum group, giving enhancing the sleek contemporary design of the StarWalker.

Only the floating Montblanc emblem in transparent cap top breaks with the monochrome theme of the writing instrument. The presence of the Montblanc emblem is a reminder that every instrument has been individually made by a craftsman who has imbued it with a soul.

StarWalker Midnight Black Metal exemplifies futuristic and linear design with its innovative texture is created using diamond cut shiny lines on a ruthenium-coated mat surface. This technique reflects Montblanc´s aim to combine pioneering dynamic design and the use of exciting materials. Its feel is truly unique to the touch and will appeal to those attracted by innovation and design statements.

StarWalker Midnight Black Resin features the black precious resin associated with Montblanc craftsmanship accentuated with ruthenium-plated fittings. A perfect writing instrument for those still attached to tradition but wishing to take a step in the direction of discovery.

In addition to the fountain pen, with its handcrafted ruthenium-plated nib made of 14 K gold, theStarWalker Midnight Black line will be available from May 2010 as a ballpoint pen and a fineliner.


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