S.T. Dupont House – 135th anniversary


Black crocodile on the outside and Diamond Leather on the inside. . During the 1930’s, it was Lucien Dupont himself, whose motto was ‘endless beauty, endless luxury’, who devised this amazing technique. To give leather exceptional resistance and grain, he had the idea of adding diamond powder during the long and delicate tanning process. And so the precious particles of diamond, widely known for being the most solid material to be found in nature, design delicate grooves in the rarest of leathers.

The Diamond Case that draws from the most luxurious heritage of the S.T. Dupont brand is also an utterly modern item. Simply opening the case will be enough to convince any sceptic. The 21st century globetrotter can comfortably travel with his entire personal and professional life. At the heart of his Diamond Case, which unfolds to form a portable desk, he can place his laptop.

It boasts several compartments and storage nooks providing ample space for any travel must-haves or mementos that will accompany him on his different voyages: a lighter and a fountain-ballpoint pen duo in palladium with an iconic Diamond Head pattern, a palladium 2GB USB key set with a black diamond, a personal diary, a copy of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince for a little bedside reading, a S.T. Dupont scented candle, and even a mini Teddy bear to remind the child within of the sweetness of childhood.

In an ultimate touch of refinement and luxury, the Diamond Case’s two clasps are set with two black diamonds.

To celebrate its 135th anniversary, the S.T. Dupont House is also launching a luxury leather goods collection made of this same Diamond Leather: a laptop-document holder, a messenger, a shopping bag, an extra-flat laptop bag, a document holder, and, for the first time, an elegant and contemporary feminine document holder.


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