Parnian is the Designer and Retailer for the World’s Most Expensive Custom Bed.


“I design furniture like most artists create fine art. I keep working on the design and think of every detail until I am satisfied that the end result will be perfection. I have been working on this design for over 2 years. My craftsmen have spent over 8 months making this intricate piece of fine art by hand. I am pleased with the look and feel of the end result and am now working on a much more elaborate version for a private client.”

The World’s Most Expensive Bed starts at $38,000.00 USD and can reach prices of over $210,000.00 USD depending on features and materials selected. Options include built in iPad holders, charging stations, pop-up and swivel TV’s and computer monitors, hidden compartments, gold and stainless steel detailing and custom handmade mattress options with all natural materials include wool, cotton, latex and horsehair.

The version on display is made with Ebony, Sapele and Curly Maple finished in a glossy lacquer finish. The bed boasts two LED touch light switches, one for backlight and one to illuminate the two attached floating nightstands with drawers. The focal point of this piece is the beautifully crafted sunburst inlay woodwork which is made possible by cutting thin pieces of delicate wood into 78 small wedge shaped pieces to come exactly to a perfect point in the center to make the beautiful circular design.

About Parnian Furniture – Parnian Furniture was started in 1977 by Abdolhay and Parvaneh Parnian and continues to be family owned and operated. Parnian specializes in high end modern and contemporary furniture. In addition to the over 100 product lines of furniture and accessories that are imported, Parnian also has a custom design and production studio in Phoenix in which they design and create custom hand crafted furniture for the home and office using old world craftsmanship for the most discriminating of clientele. Parnian has been designing and building modern and contemporary furniture including custom desks, tables and beds, for some of the World’s most prominent and successful C.E.O.’s, leaders, royalty and celebrities for the last 33 years.


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