One result of this was an engineering innovation: The aluminium chassis of the GT is a significant advance in sports car construction, giving the coupé incredible driving dynamics, weighing in at only 1,280 kilograms in total.

The GT’s engine concept attracts the most attention in that context: The responsive and high-revving 4.8-litre BMW V8 delivers all of 367 horsepower. As a result, this purist’s sports car completes the sprint from a standstill to 100 km/h in only 4.6 seconds. Its top speed is 290 km/h.

Compared with the Roadster, the GT has grown in all dimensions. It is three centimetres higher, eleven centimetres wider and all of 37 centimetres longer. The challenge facing the engineers was to translate the power of the engine into pure driving dynamics. After all, a bigger car usually also means a higher unladen weight, which in turn has a negative influence on the performance figures. These restraints have been removed by designing an innovative aluminium monocoque, as already used in the motor racing scene. This is extremely light with excellent torsional rigidity, thus providing the ideal basis for perfect sports car suspension tuning. The body is similarly made of a lightweight, high-quality glass fibre reinforced composite, and is connected to the aluminium monocoque in the tried and tested manner.

The power-to-weight ratio of 3.41 kg/hp puts the Wiesmann GT among the top-ranking sports cars. The GT’s low centre of gravity and its balanced suspension setup, in combination with the outstanding torque of the front-mounted mid-engine, delivering perfect weight distribution (49:51, front:rear) and the optimum seating position for driver and passenger, ensure unalloyed driving enjoyment.

In visual terms, the hand-made Wiesmann GT is also a real eye-catcher, which makes the hearts of motoring fans beat faster. The exclusive front end with its large chrome radiator grille and circular xenon headlights, the infinitely long bonnet, the impressive sweep of the wings and a rear end with taut curves – all in all, perfectly styled proportions. This fine exterior is also reflected in the interior of the GT. Circular instruments and leather are all part of the exclusive interior trim, which is individually compiled according to the customer’s wishes.

The Wiesmann GT celebrated its world premiere as a production car at the 2005 Frankfurt International Motor Show, attracting a lot of approval from the motor trade and the well-informed public. Just over 160 Wiesmann GT models have so far been produced at the manufacturing plant in Dülmen.


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