Human Regenerator – A new era in health and wellbeing


The Human Regenerator is a cutting edge, scientifically proven, super-luxury health and wellness device in a futuristic design creating an entirely new category, which is currently only available in a strictly limited quantity of 50 devices worldwide per year. In 2009 the Human  regenerator will be launched in the United States, Asia and the Middle East for the time being.

The Human Regenerator is also bookable for public use at not more then 2 places in the world. Exclusively bookable from March 2009 at Talise Spa, the Spa of Madinat Jumeirah and Burj al Arab, Dubai, UAE and from 2010 in the new Spaceport America, Las Cruises, USA.

The Human Regenerator is redefining how we approach health and wellbeing. Rather than the disease inspired health paradigm, the Human Regenerator focuses on the leading cause of all disease and gently corrects the imbalance, rather than simply masking the symptoms as the disease process continues to develop.


The human body, as with everything in nature has the innate ability to heal itself. We often forget this vital fact and rely upon synthetic medications to remove symptoms. Symptoms however are the body’s way of coping with an imbalance. Removing the symptoms only causes a disease process to further develop.

The technology of the Human Regenerator is based on Quantum Physics. Through an advanced method of pulsed magnetic rays ranging between 0,0005 and 38,000 HZ and below 1μT, the Human Regenerator stimulates and regenerates th most of the bodies innate energy producing capacity. Just as a battery can be recharged, so too can individual cells.

The results of our long time studies are pioneering.

In order to fully embrace this amazing technology, we have embedded it in a luxurious, futuristic sculpture.

Direct effects
• Regeneration…
…through recharging of imbalanced cells
…of the bio-energy to a perfect level
• Strengthening…
…of the immune system
• Antiaging…

…by optimisation of all bioenergetic processes in the body (metabolism, cell division)

• Enhancement…
…of the skin structure and well-being
• Refreshment…
…of the entire organism

The Human Regenerator has purely positive effects on the entire organism without any side effects – unlike medicine. Therefore, there is no such thing as overexposure, since more than an ideal bio-energetic level cannot be reached.

Product Positioning

The Human Regenerator is a new and exclusive product category with a cutting edge technology, strict limitation, the highest quality standards as hand made in Germany, only the most exclusive materials used and a unique Life Angel® Service, making it one of the most exclusive objects in the world.

The Human Regenerator is a wellness appliance as well as a regeneration machine. Development During long standing studies, over 4000 reports and documented research of the human energetic quantum analysis, frequencies and impulses that act positively and energy enhancing towards the human cells and cell membranes have been combined into the Human Regenerator Module.

This technology was then incorporated into a fascinating design in which people can lay in and relax. The essential impulse for the creation of the Human Regenerator was the scientific research of Werner.

Prof. Dr. med Werner and his team have developed this outstanding technology and been doing research in bioenergetic medical systems for the past 12 years.

Using the Human Regenerator

After entering the Human Regenerator and activating the touchscreen panel the object moves into a horizontal position to start the regeneration modus. During this regeneration modus cells and organism are stimulated. This stimulation cannot be felt directly in form of warmth or other visible factors. However, some people feel a reaction of the body in form of a tingle in the hands or feet. After 30 minutes the regeneration session is completed and the object returns to a vertical position.

This regeneration treatment can be repeated as often as wanted/needed. As mentioned, there is no such thing as overexposure with the Human Regenerator.


The Human Regenerator is an exclusive piece of art.

Special features of the Human Regenerator include:
• Human Regenerator Module
• Optional coating in platinum or gold
• Spaceflex mat system
• Crystal light system inside
• LED light system outside, incl. standby mode
• Touchpad control system
• Audio premium sound system
• Hydraulics movement system
• Security stop system
• Padded security packaging boxes on roles
Outstanding service
Expect a one of a kind service from this unique product. A personal Life Angel is available to all of our clients for consultation, orientation and support at any time.
Target group

The Human Regenerator will only be sold to private persons. Furthermore, there will only be two locations in the world where the Human Regenerator can be booked for use publicly.
1. From March 2009 in Dubai, within the Talsie Spa, Spa of Madinat Jumeirah/Burj al Arab
2. From 2010 at the Spaceport America in New Mexico.


The Human Regenerator is an on order produced, „hand made“ product, manufactured in Bremen, Germany. It will be manufactured in a high tech studio at the University for Aerospace Technology in Bremen, accompanied by high-end engineers and scientists. 137 individual components of novel and luxurious materials are put together by hand to form a unique piece of art.

Limitation and Price

The number of Human Regenerators built in 2009 is strictly limited to 50 and will also stay strictly limited in the future. The price per unit is € 420.000,00 . About the Human Regenerator GmbH The Human Regenerator GmbH, founded in 2008, is a privately owned German hightech company producing luxury and futuristic products. The German corporate headquarters is located in Bremen with the Industrial Designer Ily Guslo as the Chief Executive Officer. The Science and Technology Division is lead by Professor Dr. habil med. Werner, one of the world leading energy-medical scientists.


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