De Grisogono Browny-Brown Jewelry Collection: Chocolate to Tempt the Jewelry Tastebuds


Created by de Grisogono Chairman Fawaz Gruosi, who also started the fascination with black diamonds, he has struck another (brown) gold mine with this new color of gold jewelry. The brown jewelry is not a far stretch considering there is yellow gold, white gold, pink gold, and black gold. All of these colors make for intriguing and rich jewelry. At the same time, every design created by de Grisogono are bold and with plenty of flair guaranteeing that the woman who wears de Grisogono jewelry is sure to be noticed. The browny brown jewelry, which includes rings and earrings, is paired with accents of yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, yellow sapphires, orange sapphires and golden pearls.

The brown gold jewelry is created with a process called Physical Vaporization and Deposition (PVD) whereby rose gold is bombarded electronically causing the metal to change color and maintain that color to a depth so that it will not scratch off.

In the mood for something sweet and delicious? Have a bite of de Grisogono’s Browny Brown jewelry.


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