The G450 took off from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport at 10:50 a.m. local time on June 7, 2010.  It flew 1,694 nautical miles at an average cruise speed of Mach 0.85, landing 3 hours and 58 minutes later at 1:48 p.m. local time at Hong Kong International Airport. 

According to the crew, the first 300 miles of the flight were flown at reduced speed because of turbulence caused by headwinds of more than 100 knots. 

Piloting the G450 were Sean Sheldon, senior international captain, and Jaime Bahamon, international captain.  Also onboard were flight attendant Joanne Dye and seven passengers.

The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) confirmed the flight as a U.S. record and forwarded the figures to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) in Switzerland for approval as a world record.

Powered by two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C engines, the G450 can fly 4,350 nautical miles — Beijing to New Delhi or Moscow — nonstop at speeds of up to Mach 0.88.  The aircraft features PlaneView ®, the most advanced flight deck in its class, and the Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (EVS) as standard equipment.

 “The G450 is typically outfitted for 12 passengers, but it can seat as many as 16,” said Roger Sperry, sales division vice president for South America and the Far East (SAFE).  “The aircraft provides a comfortable cabin that serves equally well as an airborne office for business travelers or a private retreat for leisure travelers.”

The G450 established its first speed record 10 days after it entered service on May 7, 2005, flying 3,550 nautical miles — Chicago to London — in 7:19 at an average speed of Mach 0.85.  It also set a city-pair record later in 2005, going from Washington, D.C., to Luton, England — 3,290 nautical miles — in 6:12 at an average speed of Mach 0.85.  In 2006, it established a city-pair record, traveling from Denver to Honolulu — 2,944 nautical miles — in 7:07.  Its other speed record came in 2009, when it flew from Oranjestad, Aruba, to Barcelona, Spain — 4,374 miles — in 8:56 at Mach 0.80.


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