Gresso is representing iPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady. Boundless charm.


Only the finest materials was used, to create a unique design. Charming depth of the noble blue-black colour, black diamond is a symbol of luxury and flawless style.

Finishing and processing of black diamond is a unique and time-consuming process. Virtuoso of master’s cut, gives black diamond a unique play of light, cast a spell with radiance of many faces. Its amazing hardness and timeless beauty, gives you a sense of a contact with eternity. This diamond carries the title of king of diamonds, the greatest creatures of nature, submitted to the human’s skill.

Iphone4’s back panel encrusted with black diamonds in 6 carats in combination with 13 carats of gorgeous white diamonds, also 18 carat of pink gold and platinum. Elegant black and white diamonds are incarnating in a sophisticated pattern, which is executed in classic style of high skill jewelry. Special cut technology of diamonds, reproduces graceful play of light.

Edging iPhone4 is made of platinum and encrusted with black diamonds. Button on the front panel is decorated with black diamond in 2 carats, inside a frame of white diamonds and pink gold.

Traditionally for Gresso company, in design of iPhone4 Black Diamonds for Lady it is used an elite 200-year-old African Blackwood.

Its unique qualities have been known for millennia. This material has the highest strength class, which is achieved as a result of Gresso’s patented technology treatment, in addition with exceptional natural properties of African Blackwood.

Each iPhone4 Black Diamonds for Lady as unique as each of these unique trees. IPhone4 Black Diamonds for Lady – is a wonderful creation, that has craftsmanship of a jeweler and mysterious charm of precious diamonds, noble metals and elite African Blackwood. IPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady collection from Gresso company is a custom-made limited edition.


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