Bang & Olufsen equips the super sports car Aston Martin One-77 with bespoke sound system


Since 2007 the two companies have worked together in a partnership that has resulted in the development of Bang & Olufsen bespoke sound systems for all Aston Martin models on the market. The pinnacle of this cooperation is the joint development of the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound One-77 that brings state-of-the-art music reproduction into each of the 77 super sports cars built.

Experts from the Bang & Olufsen Concept Development department were involved very early in the development process of the One-77. Together with the engineers from Aston Martin, they found a very effective and innovative solution for subwoofer and woofer integration. In order to save weight and achieve the optimum structural rigidity, the subwoofer and woofer loudspeaker boxes have been completely integrated into the car’s advanced carbon fibre body structure. This solution ensures a very lightweight, yet highly rigid structure for supporting the loudspeaker boxes, which in turn enables extremely clean and precise bass reproduction – a solution that stands out as a beacon for future automotive high-end sound system architecture.

Milled from solid blocks of aluminium by the Bang & Olufsen prototype department, the grilles covering the Neodymium loudspeakers feature a design and construction that guarantees lightweight, maximum acoustic transparency and a visual design that is in line with the One-77’s unique and sporty interior design. To enhance the thrill of listening to the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound One-77 system, motors raise the turned and anodized aluminium tweeters from the instrument panel as the sound system is turned on, welcoming the listener to a performance on par with the driving experience only achieved in a One-77.

“In effect, what we have done is actually to produce 77 car sound systems with the same processes and meticulous attention to detail, as if we should do a one-off concept car for a motor show,” says Bjarne Sørensen, Director of Concept and Technology at Bang & Olufsen Automotive.

The total power of the system is more than 1.000 watts, and the amplified power for the woofers and midranges comes from Bang & Olufsen’s proprietary ICEpower technology, delivering 750 watts of undistorted sound. With the V12 engine’s output power of 750 horsepower and torque of 750 Nm, the combined power package will be sufficient to meet the owners’ expectations for the ultimate driving and listening experience.

Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen have a lot in common, including the overall values guiding the two companies: “Aston Martin’s dedication to ‘power, beauty and soul’ is mirrored by Bang & Olufsen brand values ‘performance, design, craftsmanship and humanization’, which is one of the many reasons why the partnership has resulted in a range of astonishing products. Obviously, we are extremely proud to now crown the cooperation with the Bang & Olufsen sound system for the One-77,” says Vice President Jens Peter Zinck, responsible for the Bang & Olufsen Automotive business division.


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