Gleni: new Python handbags’ collection


In the creation of this new collection, our designers have directed their attention towards a dynamic and active woman who spends a lot of time out of her home and desires always be at her own ease among the people!

She needs a handbag which is not only extremely refined, elegant and involving but it should also be practical and comfortable in order to perfectly contain everything she wants to have by her side in every moment of her day!

Following these important criteria, we have realized very wide and practical handbags which gives the woman all the comfort she needs without renouncing to the elegance and the perfect manufacture which distinguish our brand.

We have enriched these handbags with wonderful pendents made of pearls and shining stones or with refined buckles covered with strasses, in order to give the item self a further touch of charme and brightness.

The colours too, we have realized this last collection with, are extremely elegant and fresh. Some of them are strong and extremely involving such as our new Orchidea colour, while other tonalities are softer but always elegant and seductive, such as the new Panna colour.

We really hope that you too could be captured by the essence of this new collection where the genuineness of the python skin and the elegance of the shapes, united to the freshness of the new tonalities will allow you to wear an exclusive Made in Italy luxury item, a high qualitative product that everybody envies you!!!


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