CRN at Cannes and Monaco Boat Show and the Launch of CRN 124 “Clarena II” 72 meter

A short description of the vessels below:
MY CRN 43 Rubeccan, 43mt, composite displacement maxi yacht.CRN 43, “Rubeccan” is a 43 metre displacement maxi yacht which can host up to 10 passengers and 9 crew members. This vessel sails at the high cruising speed of 13 knots with two Caterpillar C32-C motors and has been built by CRN technical staff and Studio Zuccon International Project which designed the external layout.
Rubeccan is known for its large size, and its strong internal furnishing and décor distinguishing itself for its elegance and timeless Italian style. The terrace in the owner’s suite and the fitness area with sauna on the stern of the lower deck, are linked to the sea through an opening in the stern door, which changes into a little beach at the water’s edge. These are the two creative solutions which have been designed by the shipyard for Navetta 43, the semi custom composite model.
MY CRN 126 “Blue Eyes”, 60 mt, steel and aluminium displacememt megayacht.
With its rakish, flowing bow, its impressively sized interior spaces and its extensive surface area perched over the sea, “BLUE EYES” is a steel and aluminium mega-yacht born of a joint collaboration between the CRN shipyard and the Zuccon International Project firm, which designed the exterior, while the interior design was handled by the Fabrizio Smania company. The engines are 2 Caterpillar 3512B   that power the ship at a cruising speed of 14 knots. A major innovation is the aft area of the lower deck, meant to function as a full-fledged beach club, with the stern hatch lowering nearly flush to the water, where it can be equipped with comfortable sun lounges to create an ideal solarium. Connected to this area is an indoor relaxation zone where guests can enjoy being close to the sea while relaxing on comfortable sofas in the shade. Another distinctive feature of the ship is the balcony of the owner’s suite, designed to be nothing less than a terrace on the sea, thanks to a hatch that can be lowered 90 degrees. A strongpoint of CRN mega-yacht design, and one of the custom features most frequently requested by owners, the owner’s balcony is a major innovation that has quickly become an established  tradition.

Launch of CRN 124 “Clarena II” 72 meter
On 19th  September 2009 we are going to launch MY CRN 124 Clarena II, 72-metre, the biggest vessel built by CRN shipyard togheter with the megayacht CRN 129 80-metre (launch planned on 2011).


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