Audi TT in XXL size in front of Munich’s Allianz Arena


The sculpture already thrilled people in Berlin, Beijing and Hongkong – in the next five weeks Munich’s football fans, as well, will experience the XXL-sized Audi TT: Audi will set up the sculpture that weighs ten tons and is a little over ten metres long in front of the Allianz Arena. At nine a.m. a crane will hoist it onto the parking lot in front of the stadium where it will cause a sensation among football fans and visitors until the middle of March.

The timeframe for presenting the sculpture in the Bavarian state capital could hardly be better: in the next few weeks not only the spectators of the two “Bundesliga” top-flight matches of Audi’s partner FC Bayern München against its rivals for the title from Bremen and Hamburg will experience the oversized TT, but the fans of the DFB Cup highlight FC Bayern vs. 1860 München will be greeted by the large 2.5:1 scale sculpture too.

But first the 10.20 metre long, 3.25 metre high and 4.50 metre wide sculpture has to be safely positioned on the first parking row of the bus park South, which is no mean feat. A crane will hoist the work of art made of the plastic material Neopor with a frame of steel from the low-loader and place it on firm ground. Whereas the pedestal is being erected today, the setting up of the sculpture itself will start at nine a.m. tomorrow morning. On the nights of the matches at the Allianz Arena it will be illuminated by spotlights.

The XXL-sized Audi TT celebrated its début almost two years ago in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin as a contribution by AUDI AG to the national business promotion initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” during the Football World Cup. The shiny, silver-coloured sculpture stands for the automobile as one of Germany’s most significant inventions and most important sectors of the economy. Sporting the unmistakable features of the Audi sportscar, it became one of the most popular photo subjects at its new location at the foot of the Victory Column in Germany’s capital city. After a brief stopover at the Munich airport, the TT first travelled to Beijing and later to Hongkong.

To those who won’t have the opportunity to see the sculpture in Munich, Audi offers a special service: a camera team from Audi tv will be shooting the entire set-up project in front of the Allianz Arena. The documentary can be watched this coming Tuesday (12 February) at The programme starts at 4 p.m. on the channel “Behind the Scenes”.


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