Vacheron Constantin and Pisa Orologeria


The Pisa family, which has always had a passion for luxury watches, is known for its careful selection of only the finest brands for customers. These are just some of the traditional values behind this solid company that enjoys long-standing partnerships with the world’s most prestigious watch brands.

The relationship with Vacheron Constantin is a fine example.

Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest watch manufacture that has been in production and business for more than 250 years. The company handles all aspects of the production process in-house: research and development of the movements, design of the models, and the production of all components, finishing and assembly. Highly skilled master watchmakers pass on and perform ancient watch-making techniques such as beveling the corners of bridges and bottom plates, engraving the side sides, decorating components, and patiently assembling the watch by hand.

This outstanding production is the result of a continuous quest for excellence, creativity and innovation designed to amaze and thrill customers.

The Dream Room is the ideal place for presenting such superb creations.

The architectural project by architect Alexander M. Bellman – GRUPPO C14 and the interior design by Annamaria Conticelli for the new area of Pisa Orologeria blend functional aspects of contemporary store design and more dynamic elements that reflect today’s lifestyle.

The lighting system used by Pisa Orologeria in the display window and the Dream Room effectively highlights the quality of the showcased products.

The elegant ambiance was created for international customers who can select and try on the exclusive watches from Vacheron Constantin collections, browse through a catalogue or a book with historic images, imagine their customized watch and, at the same time, enjoy the warm welcome by the gracious host.


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