The palette of colors is inspired by Renaissance art, where the uncustomary and captivating tones of slate blue and orchid violet are applied to a base of neutral nuances, which include brown, ebony, walnut, and carob tones. The brown nuances are substituted by sulfur yellow and malachite green on the evening bags only, to highlight their dynamic and surprising contrasts.

The result is a collection suffused with a sophisticated and elegant light that is both luxurious and refined.

The elasticized napa leathers with lozenge designs are decorated by rivets set with diamonds, as in the Twist model, which has become an icon of the brand’s style.

Exotic skins are treated with a laser to create numerous tiny incisions that are then pleated or stitched, giving the handbags of the Leoni and Catene line that allure of futuristic and exclusive refinement that is the hallmark of a woman who is simultaneously aristocratic and unconventional.

The celebrated 1960’s style bracelet with facing leonine protomas, which has become the decorative element of the Leoni line, sheds the dark silver and black/coral contrast of the last collection in favor of an even more precious 1980’s style version that contrasts the warm brilliance of gold with the mysterious glamour of black.

In the Doppio Tondo line, a classic, hallmark motif of Bulgari design, original combinations of materials juxtapose special skins, such as python or crocodile, with traditional calfskin that is stitched to create a chevron design.

In the evening line, precious damasked fabrics, designed exclusively for Bulgari, are combined with velvets, napa leathers, and lizard skin in a perfect synthesis of contemporary and traditional style. The Bulgari medallions from the 1970’s are transformed into a prestigious clasp that render these handbags unique and unmistakable.

These stylish jewels are destined to become true must-haves next season.


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