These rings combine fine gems with different types of cuts, from classic cuts to the most innovative ones. Elegant and timeless jewels combined with the innovative Bulgari style.

Dedicated to Venice
The Dedicated to Venice line contributes four new rings in diamond and platinum and a wedding band to the Bridal collection. The name evokes the tradition of giving a diamond ring as a pledge of marriage, which is believed to have originated in Venice in 1503 before spreading from Italy throughout the world.

The rings combine soft settings and a light design. The stone becomes the protagonist in the Giudecca ring: the hoop – made of a pavé diamond double tier – rises at the top to culminate in the central diamond. The Torcello ring has a linear and delicate platinum setting for the brilliant cut diamond, exalting its shine. Conceived to hold the diamond inside soft and rounded forms, the setting of the 1503 ring curves up on a platinum shank that is fully covered with pavé diamonds. In another version of 1503, the Bulgari logo becomes the decorative motif of the side shank, with pavé diamonds down the center only. The collection will be available in all Bulgari stores starting from March in Japan and at the New York Fifth Avenue store, and from June elsewhere in America.

Bulgari Classics
The classic griffe setting is reworked in a contemporary interpretation in the Corona ring: the setting holds the diamond solitaire in a solid embrace. The name evokes the distinctive design of the jewel, which is inspired by the forms of the corona (Italian for “crown”) and soft contours of a flower, which have both been symbols of the wedding tradition since ancient Roman times, when the bride, dressed in white and covered by the velarium flammeum (orange colored veil) appeared at the altar with her head girded by a delicate crown of flowers. The ring is paired with a solid platinum or yellow gold wedding band, whose sensual “V” rounded profile is perfectly adapted to the sinuous form of the ring. The wedding bands are available in versions decorated with set diamonds or pavé diamonds, in both the platinum and yellow gold models. Necklaces with pendants, earrings, and bracelets complete the collection.

The Marryme line has a bold, decisive, and architectural design, with its well-balanced proportions lending the engagement ring a sophisticated air. The platinum setting embraces the brilliant cut diamond, exalting the shine of the stone, available in a wide range of carat sizes. The same defined forms distinguish the wedding bands, in both the more classic version, rendered entirely in platinum, and in the diamond or pavé diamond versions.

A tribute to discrete and refined elegance, the Griffe ring presents the diamond in all its natural brilliance. The beauty of the jewel is enhanced by the perfection of a classic setting that emphasizes the brightness of the solitaire. The stones that make the jewels shine in this collection are available in a wide range of cuts and different forms, from the round, emerald, oval, and heart cuts to the pear, asscher, marquise, and princess cuts, for a selection that also includes pendants with chains, earrings, and tennis bracelets.

Precious variations of successful lines further enrich the Bridal collection: these creations have a decisive character, emblematic of a contemporary style, whose distinctive design defines and interprets some of the most iconic motifs and symbols of Bulgari.

The juxtaposition of small circular elements with minute squared motifs, combined with each other in such a way as to form a flexible fabric that generates enchanting plays of light, creates the Lucea collection. It includes elegant engagement rings: in the white gold version, two precious square motifs in pavé diamonds surround and enhance the central round cut diamond, while the one carat diamond at the center of the platinum version is flanked by two asscher cut diamonds on the sides.

The B.zero1 ring with a central brilliant cut diamond, with the distinctive double Bulgari logo, becomes an original and contemporary engagement ring. The single-hoop versions of B.zero1 became original wedding bands, available in the three colors of gold, as well as modern Eternity Bands in white and yellow gold, embellished by a delicate row of pavé diamonds.

The Bulgari Eternity Bands line also includes more traditional models with round brilliant cut diamonds and two rings, distinguished by a sophisticated and contemporary spirit, in white gold with baguette cut diamonds and in platinum with sapphires and baguette cut diamonds.

Past and present, tradition and innovation combine to create the brand new Parentesi rings. The design is enhanced by the contrast between the solids and voids of the openwork and is translated in the slender, easy to wear, white and yellow gold engagement rings.

The Bridal collection is completed by other settings and models that are uniquely elegant and alluring, synthesis of sophistication and design.


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