Bags, neckties and eyewear complete the portrait of a dynamic man who is also extremely attentive to the aesthetic quality and details of what he chooses to wear.

Details that speak of precious materials, of creative forms and lines, of a passion for beauty and excellence that runs through the entire history of Bulgari. And it is precisely to these values that Bulgari wishes to once again pay homage, locating them in its own historical origins and bringing them to its latest creations, thus building a bridge between its own roots and its present and future collections.

Emblematic of this is the Collezione 1910 line of men’s bags, composed of two different models of briefcase bags with hand grip or shoulder strap. Contrasting with the sober and essential lines of the bag itself is the by now iconic early 20th-century advertising catalogue, printed on calfskin or coated canvas chevron.

Elegant walnut-toned leather trim completes the different models.

The accessories collection also includes aviator sunglasses, which combine high design and quality. Crystal lenses and high-tech manufacturing like micro-fusion in beryllium-copper distinguish the metal styles, while the acetate frames have a retro flavour, featuring materials like tortoise shell. The guiding thread is a minimalist, futuristic elegance, epitomized by the Bulgari logo, either under resin or laser-cut into the metal temple hinge.

The Star of the Sea and Happy Fish neckties are instead an ode to the colour and exuberance of summer. The patterns are taken from the Bulgari historical archive, while the colours – green, azure and lilac – evoke the joyous and festively hued realm of the tropical sea.

New developments regarding design and use of materials: while the full-bodied richness of the “seven-fold” necktie is preserved, a lighter twill replaces the classic Bulgari “saglione”, and the width has been trimmed by a centimetre, conferring lightness and elegance to one of the most important accessories in any man’s wardrobe, in any season.


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