Sixteen years, Seventeen boutiques de GRISOGONO chose Las Vegas


After Geneva, London, Gstaad, Hong Kong, Rome, Porto Cervo, Paris, St. Moritz, Kuwait, New York, two in Moscow, Tokyo, Saint-Barthélemy, Dubai and New Delhi, it is in Las Vegas that de GRISOGONO has chosen to open a second boutique in the United States, which brings its worldwide total to 17. Those who already know the de GRISOGONO “style” will be surprised upon entering this new boutique, because unlike the rest, it will have a new décor. Faithful to the brand and closely following Fawaz’s vision, this new treasure trove will appear as a more modern version of the other boutiques around the world. All in a space of 85 square meters, in the most luxurious of style, the interior highlights the company’s traditional yellow and grey walls, dark cherry hardwood floors and imported furniture from Florence. The exterior is in sleek black and modern, shining the company’s brand name in gold.

A voluptuous ambiance…
A voluptuous and captivating ambiance is at the heart of this elegant new location, de GRISOGONO will reveal all the extravagance and sensuality of its jewelry creations, while the watches, for both men and women, are filled with disconcerting originality as they mark the passage of time. On this special occasion de GRISOGONO will present its collections, so greatly in demand across USA, among which the Instrumento Novantatre, with its strikingly over sized numbers “9” and “3” – to mark the year 1993 in which Fawaz Gruosi first launched the de GRISOGONO brand. This particular watch, with its elegant character and aesthetically striking lines – so typical of the brand – should no doubt seduce all those who value horological complications and the Instrumento Novantatre boasts a perpetual calendar – but also for those who are not afraid to be different and to express themselves.

Glamorous as always…
All elegant women will appreciate the jewellery that de GRISOGONO has created with them in mind: the lines of the Allegra, the Zucchero, the Boule, the Zigana and the Matassa. Not to mention the exceptional High Jewellery pieces – endlessly surprising in beauty and design and, as with all de GRISOGONO pieces, blessed with the most profound skill and expertise in the setting and the choosing of stones. To celebrate these 16 years of the brand, Fawaz Gruosi has again shown unrivalled creativity. The jewelry of de GRISOGONO is not only daring in all its inventiveness but remains loyal and true to the traditions of high jewelry craftsmanship.
Fashionista’s must-haves
The newly launched de GRISOGONO hand bag line will also be a new feature of this boutique. Fresh, colourful, ultra luxurious, for day and night, this collection is made entirely in Italy, by Florentine artisans who have re-invented the brand’s vision with a love of detail close to perfection. As with its jewelry collections, de GRISOGONO bags are not for those who prefer to go unnoticed! Bright colors teamed with rich gold finishes and silk stitching, these bags were inspired by the determined and passionate women that inspire Fawaz Gruosi in all his creations.

From New York to Paris, the de GRISOGONO hand bags are now the must-have accessories of the season and will certainly become the most coveted accessory in the Las Vegas fashionistas wardrobe.


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