Every year, Bertolucci pioneers new creations, where the 4Cs – the very essence of the brand – feature fully: Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction. In the Casual chic world of Maison Bertolucci, the emphasis is on classic, timeless lines with their audacious, original design. Elements from miscellaneous influences mingle and interweave to design a new image, where casual, elegant and natural are the key features. Simple and sophisticated, refined and trendy, the Casual Chic models are easy to wear on all occasions and will enchant modern, elegant men and women seeking a unique design.

SERENA GARBO epitomises the soft, pure curves of a pebble slowly polished by the movement of the waves under the Mediterranean sun. Comfortable, voluptuous curves which celebrate the well-being and joy of living that are so dear to the brand. Inspired also by the elegance and sensuality of Latin women, SERENA GARBO is occasionally trimmed with touches of luxury like a steel or gold diamond-set bevel or a leather strap with saddle stitching.

A classic model re-designed in a unique, highly contemporary style, SERENA GARBO signifies a beautiful look and simple elegance. Modern, urban models in the casual chic style are available for men and women seeking discreet, elegant pieces easy to wear in all circumstances.


The stainless steel case underlines the sensuality of its curves with a large oval band delicately wrapping itself around the natural mother-of-pearl of the dial. This band lights up when set with full size diamonds, thereby giving the delicately guilloche mother-of-pearl a wonderful lustre reproducing the purity of a shell: SERENA GARBO thus becomes a true jewel watch with a strictly feminine look. Through a unique SERENA GARBO design feature, the strap gives the impression of melting into the case, of being at one with the dial and moulded perfectly to the shape of the wrist. There is thus a choice of two straps – leather, appreciated for its comfort, elegance and chic, feminine look playing on the various alternations in calf and alligator, and traditional, three-row steel outlining a refined extension to the soft curves of the case.


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