$1.5m designer Ferrari chair comes to UAE


‘The race is on for branded luxury furniture in the UAE, and this trend is also being seen in the office segment.’ said Ajai Dayal, General Manager, Retail and Marketing, Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group. ‘We believe the Ferrari chair from Aresline will be a winner among UAE residents.’

Available exclusively at OFIS, a division of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, the Aresline Xten ergonomic office chair includes dynamic fabric utilized by Olympic athletes for durability, and Technogel that forms to the contour of the body and reduces seating pressure and fatigue by over 60%.

‘This chair is only for the elite executive,’ said Pauly Jos, Sales Manager, Furniture, OFIS. ‘The time and effort that has gone into designing this chair is similar to that of designing a new car. It is a ‘must have’ product for the UAE’s leading CEOs.’

The chair is unique in its manufacture and design. It is the only office chair in the world with Dynamic Synchronized Tilting so that the back and the seat adjust independently of one another at complimenting angles.

‘The money has not just gone into the look and feel of this chair. It is the most comfortable office chair I have sat in and incorporates some of the most advanced technology on the market today,’ said Jos.


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