REUGE – Bodega and Highland unique music boxes


On any unique occasion, the lucky owners of this exceptional object will be able to sample the delights of wine or whisky while listening to the tunes played by the mechanical musical movement.

This unique product, in a noble and contemporary design, is available in two versions of rare wood: black canela wood and burr vavona, with a leather-lined interior. BODEGA opens up to reveal a compartment designed to hold a bottle of wine. There is also a corkscrew and a taster cup, allowing the enjoyment of wine-tasting by the book. As for HIGHLAND, it features a compartment for a bottle of whisky, and two recesses, each holding a crystal glass to enhance the enjoyment of the drink. The leather-lined bottle compartment can securely accommodate different bottle sizes.

The two precious BODEGA and HIGHLAND music boxes are equipped with a 72-note mechanical musical movement in a watertight housing. It plays three tunes, each lasting 24 or 36 seconds. A wide choice of tunes is available.

Lovers of vintage wines and whiskies will be entirely won over by these luxurious music boxes. They are a perfect idea for a useful gift that will endure.


REUGE is a Swiss Manufacture that combines age-old tradition, innovation and contemporary design that heighten all the senses. Established in 1865, it is a world leader in the manufacture of traditionally-made luxury music boxes and mechanical singing birds. The magnificent musical movements in these music boxes are fitted with high-precision mechanics, setting to music, as it were, all the ages of history. They are mounted inside a complex sound box made of noble woods, glass or modern materials such as carbon or Corian®. As well as the 1865, Lounge and Studio collections, the REUGE Manufacture produces limited editions dedicated to certain great composers, and also versions designed to appeal to sailing and motor enthusiasts, and even cigar lovers.


Box : In burr vavona or black canela wood. Compartment for holding a wine bottle. Recess for corkscrew and recess for taster cup. Glossy finish.
Movement : CH 3.72. Tunes: 3 each lasting 24 or 36 seconds. Comb: 72 notes.
Cylinder: with approximately 1,200 pins
Tunes : Guantanamera (J. Fernández Diaz), Chan Chan (C. Segundo), Quizás,quizás,quizás (O. Farrés) + wide choice of other tunes.
Dimensions : 515 x 284 x 150 mm

Swiss recommended retail price : CHF 6,800

References :
AXA.72.5092.000 (burr vavona)
AXA.72.5092.001 (black canela wood)

Other specifications are the same as for the BODEGA model.

References :
AXA.72.5093.000 (burr vavona)
AXA.72.5093.001 (black canela wood)


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