Infiniti ETHEREA to grace “Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este”


Designed under the direction of Senior Vice President of Design Shiro Nakamura, ETHEREA brands elements of coupe, sedan, hatchback and even crossover in one highly sculptural, near-mono volume form with Infiniti’s future design direction evolved from the initial aspects seen on the Essence concept supercar which joined the Villa d’Este event in 2009.

As all Infiniti models, Etherea puts driving pleasure and sports feeling as top priority, it has been designed for a strong and highly efficient drivetrain based on an innovative hybrid system and around in-house platform.

The long wheelbase and minimal overhangs guarantee unmistakable but the perfect proportion, its bold and futuristic design elements such as headlights which resemble the eye of the mythical god and the dynamic crescent C-pillar are also the distinctive features of Etherea.

Even though a compact model at 4.4 meters long, Etherea has an excellent roominess of interior space.

Interior design is another highlight of Etherea, it embodies artistic expression with fine craftsmanship as well as inspirations from nature with an elegant and highly ergonomic solution.

Including newest trim design inspired from Japanese traditional paper work “KASANE-WASHI” layering paper, all of these reflect Etherea’s profound cultural connotation through leading-edge technologies.


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