Hov Pod release SPX – Ultimate leisure hovercraft


The Hov Pod SPX design enables manufacturer Reaction International Ltd to meet increasing customer demand. Previous models were produced in glass fibre, and the labour intensive process resulted in long delivery times, particularly in summer months. The new High Density PE process will help slash deliveries times. Sales and Marketing Manager Mike Glanville says that customers look a little wary when he demonstrates the hovercraft’s strength with a hammer or baseball bat, the material was used to make crash barriers for F1 formula racing circuits.

The material also has improved buoyancy, and will take over a ton in weight before water ingresses into the hull.

The principle market for the new Hov Pod SPX is primarily leisure and the lucrative rental market – tourists get a buzz from experiencing the water to land transitions flying low and fast over the beach to the sea. Event organisers offer “Learn to fly a hovercraft” days.

Rescue and commercial organisations have also shown interest. Flooded areas often restrict the use of small boats, submerged wire fences have a tendency to snarl up propellers, hovercraft have no water propellers, they fly at an average height of 8 inches. Rescuing a victim from mud or sand can be a little tricky with a boat, which prefer water; mud rescuers run the risk of becoming as trapped as the victim they seek to help. Details of the new hovercraft can be found at www.hovpod.com


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