Gresso represents a unique collection of crystal jewelry Gold Crystal, made of 18K gold


Gresso Gold Crystal – crystals Class Luxury, innovation world Fasion idustrii. The main secret and unique Gold Crystal – in a special polishing technology 18K gold combined with a patented method cuts – better than precious stones.

Treatment is carried out with prismatic crystals up. Due to varying the width of the side faces of the crystal is achieved by the optimal distribution of light rays and reflective abilities. Due to the strict observance of the proportions and carefully calculated angles of the faces of the crystals can reflect all the light falling on them. Certain selection of the angles formed by the edges, achieves an unusually bright, colorful play of light, revealing the finest quality 18K gold.

Defects in the crystal is set in the process of his research at tenfold magnification. Crystal in which such an increase in no cracks, is considered “internal integrity”. Gold Crystal differ in a clear, straight-cut and bright luster.

Polyhedral dazzling Gold Crystal offer designers more than ever, the scope for decorating crystals.
Collection Gresso Gold Crystal represented crystals of class Jeweller and Glutinous for hot and cold fixation asymmetrical trapezoidal shape of 2,5, 3 and 4 mm.

Unique Gold Crystal rhinestones in a luxurious design IPhone4 Gold Crystal from Gresso.

For the first time a unique collection of gold rhinestones Gold Crystal presented dizane iPhone4 Gresso Gold Crystal and washer acc iPhone.

Traditionally, for Gresso, iPhone4 back panel is made of 200-year old African Blackwood. This material has the highest strength class, which is achieved as a result of its processing on a unique technology patented by Gresso, in addition to the exceptional natural qualities African Blackwood.

Unique crystal Gold Crystal Glutinous of 18K gold encrusted Gresso logo on the back of iPhone.

Golden Crystal size 2.5 mm decorate Case iPhone4 Gresso Gold Crystal Case of genuine alligator.
Collection of crystals Gresso Gold Crystal, IPhone4Gresso Gold Crystal and Gold Crystal Case for sale in 2011.

Price iPhone Gold Crystal 15 000 $, Gold Crystal Case – $ 1000.


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