First F.P.Journe Writing Instruments


For two years, François-Paul has also devoted time to another type of drawing, that of the fountain pen of his dreams, one with which he could sketch his movements and would be as comfortable, elegant and innovative as his timepieces. He produced his first prototype two years ago with the same attention to detail and perfection that is so characteristic of his creations. Since then, there have been numerous trials and tests before the Master was satisfied with his research for the production of a cap-less fountain pen.

Today, François-Paul Journe is proud to present his first collection of prestigious writing instruments in avant-garde, yet elegant shapes. Unique in both design and innovation, the collection is entirely made in platinum PT 950 or 18K gold, the same symbolic precious metals as his exclusive watch creations.

Historically, the cap of a pen is impractical and can easily be misplaced or lost, although it does play an important role since it protects the nib from shocks, prevents the ink from drying in the open air and also protects items and clothes in close proximity from ink stains. In an effort to overcome these inconveniences, there exists nowadays the ballpoint pen whereby the head of the instrument simply retracts into the body.

François-Paul Journe therefore worked on the creation of a new concept of fountain pen without a cap, but one that would ensure all the necessary and customary protection. The result is his highly original retractable system, registered with patent Number EP 07 405119.4, whereby the extremity of the pen comprises 6 flaps that open and close much like the delicate petals of a flower.

The collection of F.P.Journe first writing instruments, a fountain pen and a roller, will be available in December 2008 in the 5 exclusive F.P.Journe boutiques in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Geneva, Boca Raton and Paris (opening December 8). Produced in Limited Edition of 500 each, and entirely guilloché by hand in the finest tradition of artisan craftsmanship, each fountain pen and roller is realized in precious Platinum PT950 or 18K gold, combined with titanium. The nib of the fountain pen in 18K red gold, is entirely hand-polished and engraved with the F.P.Journe logo. To provide a more pleasing sensation while writing, the platinum version is lacquered in blue while natural colour lacquer is used for the gold version with 18K red gold inserts (photo).

This collection will be enhanced by superb cufflinks in platinum or in 18K red gold inspired by the new F.P.Journe deployant clasp.

This timeless collection of genuine art objects is stamped with the personality and design of the F.P.Journe brand. These unique and highly distinctive pieces, in which the art of the jeweller and the goldsmith intertwine, will ensure that the J.P. Journe pens become a legend within the world of writing instruments.


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