Inspired by the famous jewellery collections created in 2000, this incredible jewellery watch opens the doors to an enchanting universe where the daring shapes and volumes arrogantly blend with the implacable standards of the art of time.

It all began with a wish. Like in a fairy tale, the dream of designing a different timekeeper with a bewitching charm became reality. In the vanguard of all trends, de GRISOGONO has realised a genuine aesthetic exploit. With its curvy shape the jewellery pendant watch invites the imagination to let itself be carried away by the mysterious spheres of a magical world. A bathyscaphe off to conquer the wonders of the deepest seas, a faraway planet concealing incredible secrets, forbidden fruit that you bite into with no regrets, nothing can match this design for its appeal and its ability to capture the attention.

Set with precious stones the jewellery pendant watch is lasciviously worn as a pendant on an 80 cm long gold chain. Fruit of the excellence of de GRISOGONO craftsmen, this jewellery has the advantage of being extra lightweight changing between 38 and 45 grams depending on the model. In total, the jewellery pendant watch comes in eleven different versions each more fascinating than the other. Fashioned in pink, gold, brown gold or gold blackened by the highly complex scientific system christened PVD (Physical Vaporisation and Deposition), the piece’s framework displays a semi-setting in a shower of stars or a complete paving of white or brown diamonds, emeralds or pink sapphires.

A genuine prestigious watch making gem, the jewellery pendant watch is closed at the back by a delicate plate set or paved with diamonds. Protected by a thin scroll-engraved grate, in reality this plate hides a luxury artifice allowing de GRISOGONO craftsmen to work on the watch’s movement if needs be.

Watch making excellence of the infinitesimal is at the heart of the jewellery pendant watch. Catching your attention thanks to its delicacy, the watch making dial of this remarkable design was entirely dreamt up and designed by the de GRISOGONO watch making department. Reduced to 14 mm, the dial’s concave shape harmonises with the jewellery’s curves perfectly. To respect this harmonious roundness, the watch’s time setting system has also been corrected. While the hours are set by slowly pressing on the watch’s crystal for 3 seconds, a brief, quick impulse allows the minute hand to move forward. The jewellery pendant watch is equipped with an ETA quartz movement that is identical to the LIPSTICK collection.


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