Downhill through the snow – with Porsche


The inspiration for the first Porsche bobsleigh was drawn from the racing bobsleigh. Thus its runners are based on the engineering of these professional sports devices and are almost as effective. Both have a so-called ‘spring’ in the runners, that give the bobsleigh its excellent steerability. This slight lengthways bend is scarcely visible, yet it certainly makes itself felt during the descent. It can be compared to the side cut of modern carving skis.

Another engineering highlight is the camber angle. In motorsport this chassis adjustment often makes the difference between victory and defeat. On the slope it makes for pure fun. The Porsche bobsleigh does not have ground contact across the full breadth but only at the edges of the runners. The result is maximum directional stability which, combined with the low center of gravity, gives excellent grip and outstanding maneuverability.

The plastic bobsleigh can be steered simply and individually using the four side grips. In sporting situations the bobsleigh’s perfect balance means that it can be piloted simply by shifting ones weight on the ergonomically formed seat and by appropriate leg movement. By using the middle grip at the head end, braking can be precisely controlled, with fast response.

Tested and certified by German safety standards agency (TÜV) the Porsche bobsleigh weighs only approximately four kilograms. It is stowed in a practical nylon bag.

Winter will also be spectacular with the Porsche Aluminium sledge. Dashing down the slopes on the stainless steel runners and comfortable faux leather seat, winter can be enjoyed at full speed. After fun in the snow, the practical folding mechanism allows the sledge to be folded together and stowed in a high-quality bag for safe carrying.


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