Caran d’Ache’s 1010 Limited Edition fountain pen is a tribute to the Swiss watchmaking industry


The body of the pen recalls the delicate gears of fine timepieces and is made of rhodium-coated silver. Two cages, one decorated with gear wheels, and the other with the bridges that link them, are fitted over a transparent body. The cap is inspired by watch crowns and is polished by hand. The clip suggests a watch hand and is attached to a pinion. The design goes for incredible authenticity with a piston pump set with a ruby and a sapphire crystal dome at the bottom tip of the pen containing a balance wheel poised between two rubies.

The pen is presented in a black lacquered box along with a raw glass bottle containing blue-black ink and a palladium-plated silver stopper. Each limited edition of 500 is individually numbered.

MSRP starts at $19,000.


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