Bang & Olufsen launches BeoSound 5


We are living in a digital world where our experience of sound is quickly disappearing into music players as small as the sound they are able to play. But all that is about to change.

Designed to make music much more visible and with a sound that is nothing less than outstanding, BeoSound 5 brings music out into the open to listen to and enjoy with others.

Perfectly synchronized

An icon of elegance and intelligence, BeoSound 5 gives you instant access to your music. Seamlessly integrating the old world into the new, the navigation wheel into the digital screen, this audio master makes the digital world tangible and real.

As the physical and virtual movements of the user interface are perfectly synchronized, the aluminium wheel and pointer mounted on the side of BeoSound 5 give users complete control over their content and all on-screen actions. This also facilitates one-hand operation for optimal ease-of-use and an astonishingly tactile experience.

While the aluminium wheel lets you scroll swiftly through your music collection and countless internet radio stations, the graphical user interface is at once intuitive and inspiring.

A clever combination of graphics and mechanics, BeoSound 5 provides an easy way to overview and navigate large amounts of content. Make a selection and every move you make is mirrored on the screen in an aesthetic array of colours, fonts and carefully choreographed graphic displays.

By selecting only the necessary elements and giving them an elegant presence on the screen, Bang & Olufsen provides you with only the features you need, combining ease-of-use with a surprisingly sensual experience.

More of the same

BeoSound 5 appeals to your instincts and desires. It is designed to make you want to come closer and play with your entire music collection. It also has some special ways of letting you get much more out of your music, like for instance the algorithm called MOTS (More Of The Same).

An award-winning concept with two patents pending, MOTS takes you to the cutting edge of convenience. With MOTS, the intelligent playlist of the future, playing a song is like planting a seed.

Whenever you start playing your favourite music on BeoSound 5, MOTS automatically scans your library and finds similar tracks based on parameters such as rhythm, syncopation, key tonality and vocal harmonies. As the algorithm uses the actual music, not just the genre or mood tags, to match tracks, MOTS effectively lets you rediscover the hidden gems of your record collection on the basis of your initial choice.

Every time you sow a seed, MOTS responds by playing selections that are musically similar, taking you on a musical journey which is more than likely to please and surprise you. Not only will you rediscover tracks that you had long forgotten, the journey will also hold subtle surprises and unexpected choices which will only serve to make it all the more interesting. Variation within the boundaries of your choice is the spice that will bring a new dimension and new life to your music collection.BeoSound 5 is an audio player with a high IQ. All the digital music files, covers and internet radio stations accessed on BeoSound 5 are actually stored on BeoMaster 5, a black box designed to be discretely sequestered out of sight. It includes all the circuitry, internet connections plus a mega storage space capacity of as much as 500 GB.

Lossless for better quality

With the BeoMaster 5 and BeoSound 5 combo, Bang & Olufsen is consequently introducing an audio master whose outstanding sound performance and massive memory capacity are ideally suited for playback of lossless music files for pure enjoyment of the original recording and the optimal listening experience.

Built with some of the best signal processing on the planet, BeoSound 5 not only supports lossless music, but also brings you even closer to the quality of the original recording. Plug in any Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers for a superior sound that speaks for itself. Made possible by Bang & Olufsen, BeoSound 5 is digital music made brilliantly visible and highly listenable. To put it bluntly, it’s all about the music!


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