Bahrain: Amwaj Islands


Amwaj Islands will have 4 main residential islands, 1 theme park island and 1 educational-medical island. It will consist of beachfront residences, four and eight storey apartment buildings, 30 office towers, a large waterfront shopping mall, 2 four and five star hotels, motels, amusement park, aquapark, cinemas, bowling alley, health clubs, restaurants, marina club, 6 serviced apartment buildings, central lagoon, and a 140-berth, 240 meter diameter circular marina.

Its Development
Amwaj Islands was announced in 2002 and is being built in 3 phases. The first will contain the dredging and reclamation of the islands, while the second phase will focus on the infrastructure development, and the third phase will deal with the development of the facilities on the islands. The islands will be surrounded by a broad crested breakwater reef divided into a series of 11 breakwaters, each 300 metres long and 75 metres apart. The breakwater reef will be 340 meters away from the edge of the island and it was constructed to reduce wave heights by approximately 60% from impacting on the development.

Al Marsa Floating City
Located on the south-eastern region of Amwaj Islands, Al Marsa will be a waterfront housing development across 83 thousand square meters (902 thousand square feet) of land. The Floating City will have waterfront villas/chalets and flats intertwined with a series of canals, permitting residents to park their boats by their own back garden. Al Marsa will also contain the Meena 7 Towers, a seven condominiums development covering an area of 22.7 thousand square meters (244.6 thousand square feet). The buildings will range from 5 to 9-storeys and will have a total of 213 one, two and three bedroom apartments.

Tala Island
It is one of the Amwaj Islands and it will consist of townhouses, villas and apartments in an gated residential community. There will be 48 beachfront villas, 42 two-storey villas, 410 apartments contained in 31 blocks, and another 148 smaller apartments. Tala Island will contain aqua park, retail areas, a sports center, tennis club, restaurants and coffee shops.

Theme Island
Located on the west side of the highway leading to the Amwaj Islands. It will have theme parks, gardens, resorts, amusement parks, tennis courts, a golf course, and an avairy for bird lovers.

Education / Medical Island
Located on the east side of the highway leading to the Amwaj Islands. One of the schools that will be included on the island will be the International School of Choueifat.

Other Developments
Zawya (Zawaya) – Will have houses perched over the water’s edge along the waterfront tips of the main Amwaj Island.
Gateway – Will be an apartment tower located at the entrance of the Amwaj Islands.
Saraya Al Bahar – A beachfront development that will over designer villas along the western side of north-western side of the main Amwaj Island.
Mirage – Will contain twenty-two 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses with ground and first floor units, near Al Marsa ranging from 152 to 381 square meters (1,410 to 4,101 square feet).
New Renaissance Hotel – Will contain 323 rooms and be managed by Marriott International.
JAL Bahrain Resort and Spa – Will be a five-star 350 room hotel on the western coast at the Fanar Resort.
The Lagoon Bahrain – Commercial development offering 55 thousand square meters (600 thousand square feet) of office space by the Abu Dhabi Investment House.

Amwaj Residential Towers
Amwaj Plaza 1 – 10-storey building with 56 apartments
Amwaj Plaza 2 – 10-storey building with 55 apartments
Al Damur Towers – 23-storey twin towers with 80 apartments each
Zawye Residential Towers – 19-storey twin towers with 131 units each


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