A new stand

Access to the “Grande” Collection at the Monaco Yacht Show is gained at the Azimut Yachts stand. It has been totally renovated and built according to an innovative concept that welcomes and accompanies customers as they walk into their dream, even before leaving the dock. Attention devoted to customers, that propensity to surround boat owners with all the comforts while they are still ashore, is one of the strong points of Azimut Yachts.

In the water

The Grande Collection is presented in its own dedicated catalogue, but it is above all well represented in the water by one of the top models, the Azimut 105, which welcomes aboard guests and customers in its unprecedented role of gallery. When aboard the 105, not only can you bask in the floorspace, light and airiness peculiar to this boat, but you can also view all of the new range, especially models under execution like the Azimut 100 and the Azimut Trideck. These two projects are presented with the use of overall plans and renderings, and also through the original drawings by Stefano Righini. While the Grande 100 will win over more than one owner with its innovative design, the Grande Trideck, with its magnificent design and ability to make boat owners dream even before it is built, will absolutely amaze.

Azimut. The number one shipyard choice of boat owners for building megayachts for 12 years

This title of supremacy was awarded by the influential international magazine Show Boat. Azimut-Benetti has been the leader in the megayacht construction industry for 12 years. That is more a fact than a certification. It is a preference that owners have shown to its style and Made in Italy quality, its innovation, and without a doubt also to the soundness of the company itself. Azimut-Benetti has always been a private group. This peculiarity has allowed its owners to constantly reinvest in its product, as well as in its search for style and technology, as it is not required to answer to controlling shareholders or holding companies.

Fabrizio Scerch

Fabrizio Scerch, 37, is without a doubt one of the key figures that listens, develops and then makes the dreams of megayacht customers come true. Just a few weeks ago Scerch was assigned the position of Sales Manager of the Grande Collection. The position of sales manager of a collection of customizable yachts is a terribly strategic one, where customer contacts must be uninterrupted and answers have to always be quick and precise. His professional experience in the field of high end durable goods, marketing and the luxury boating sector make Scerch the ideal contact person for any boat owner. Technical expertise, good coordination skills and a personal aptitude for conversation and making all personal relationships pleasing right away are what customers look for so that the production of a Grande yacht becomes the realization of a Grande dream.


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