Montblanc Limited Edition “Boheme Papillon”


The masterly combination of highest writing culture and first-class jewellery craftsmanship is revealed in the six magnificent fountain pens in the Montblanc Limited Edition “Bohème Papillon”. Each writing jewel is an artistically skeletonised unique product in solid white, yellow or rosé gold, studded with about 1,400 glittering diamonds and sapphires, which are spread over three levels on the body and the internal spring mechanism. Delicate butterflies and filigree plant tendrils scintillatingly decorate body and cap, while the patented, star-shaped Montblanc Diamond shines at the top of the cap. “Bohème Papillon” – fascinating and unique writing instruments, created for admirers and collectors who appreciate the exceptional.

A homage to the butterfly – muse of poets, artists and jewellers

A secretive aura surrounds delicate butterflies, which have inspired the thoughts of writers and poets for hundreds of years with their wonderful metamorphosis, exuberance and natural charm. The finely proportioned splendour of butterflies also inspired the jewellery artists in the Montblanc Artisan Atelier to create an exceptional writing-instrument edition whose fascinating aestheticism of the most precious materials transforms each of the six skeletonised Bohème fountain pens into a unique product of haute joaillerie. A homage to the most amazing creature in nature: Montblanc Limited Edition “Bohème Papillon.”

High-class masterpieces of the finest jewellery work and craftsmanship: the 6 unique pens in the Montblanc Limited Edition “Bohème Papillon”

The artistic skill and love of detail of the most experienced master craftsmen at Montblanc are needed to create the perfect form of a writing jewel in the Limited Edition “Bohème Papillon.” The superbly skeletonised Bohème fountain pen is decorated with extreme precision with glittering rows of diamonds and sapphires.

Some 1,400 stones on body and cap form fine plant tendrils and delicate butterflies. Artistic finesse and the most noble materials come together in six glamorous variants of the “Bohème Papillon” with its elegant, retractable 18-carat gold nib. On the three writing instruments in solid white, yellow and rosé gold which are principally studded with diamonds, the 1,402 diamonds in top Wesselton quality totalling 7.21 carats and the 37 sapphires of 0.21 carats on various levels of the body and internal spring mechanism create a brilliant play of lights. With the three variants where colour is more important, 840 flawless diamonds totalling 4.35 carats and 591 sapphires of 3.87 carats turn the fountain pen in white, yellow and rose gold into a magnificent example of the most demanding jewellery craftsmanship.

To crown the Limited Edition “Bohème Papillon”, the unique, patented Montblanc Diamond radiates in all facets of the light on the top of the cap. The embodiment of the values and traditions with which the Montblanc brand has created masterpieces of writing culture for more than 100 years.


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