The pure character of AQVA POUR HOMME Marine is dedicated to man with a strong personality. In full harmony with nature, he respects the superior power and noble beauty of the sea. A free spirit who gains his energy from the strengths of the ocean’s waves. His informal yet refined style expresses itself in the vivacious and natural notes of this fragrance.

    While AQVA POUR HOMME profound accents reflect the intensity of the depths of the sea, AQVA POUR HOMME Marine unfolds gradually, like the glints of iridescent light shimmering on the surface. From the initial sparkling notes, to the fresh, rich, “aquatic” heart, to the final, enveloping scents.

    “For AQVA POUR HOMME Marine I thought of the colour and transparency of crystalline water,” comments Jacques Cavallier. “In the top, Neroli Bigarade and grapefruit give the perfume a lively freshness, at once bright, crisp and vibrating. For the heart, I’ve underlined the Posidonia note, which is the link with Aqva pour Homme, to emphasize the transparent watery accord of the fragrance. Rosemary flower has been added for its reassuring and vivid aromatic aspect. The mineral amber that signs the depth and the mineral aspect of Aqva pour Homme has been rebalanced. Finally, I’ve introduced white cedar wood to give radiant, tactile and natural tones to the dry down.”

    Perfectly consistent with the design of AQVA POUR HOMME, the bottle of AQVA POUR HOMME Marine is distinguished by spherical lines, which evoke the form of rocks and pebbles softened by the sea. The aqua-green accents, an unequivocal reference to the hues of the sea, become the emblem of a new aesthetic code. An original colour also characterises the outer packaging, which has the same aqua-green tones, accented by the silver outlining used for the name of the fragrance and Bulgari logo.

    AQVA POUR HOMME Marine is available in the 50 ml and 100 ml versions.


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