Launching July 6, 2009, this exclusive members-only club not only offers the finest in air travel in well-appointed Gulfstream GIV SP corporate jets, which can accommodate 12 people for flights up to 10 hours, the Miami-based company also provides use of its spacious luxury watercraft, self-driven exotic sports vehicles, beachfront condominium and personalized concierge services, among other offerings.

Air Platinum Club’s member rates are well below standard charter prices, yet inclusive of services and benefits. Annual membership packages begin at $163,000.  As an incentive for charter club members, Air Platinum Club is offering a Founder’s Program, which features 10 percent free flight time for those who join by July 31, 2009.

This new era in executive and leisure private travel was conceived by Air Platinum Club Founder and CEO Mickael Cohen, a pilot who has been involved in the private air industry since 2001.  “Private air travel is here to stay.  It is efficient and practical,” said Cohen.  “Air Platinum Club goes a step further – we provide the kind of personalized services and amenities on an exclusive membership basis that makes the entire travel experience truly premium and stress-free, while still delivering value to the bottom-line.”

Headquartered at the Opa-Locka Executive Airport (KOPF), the largest of Miami-Dade County’s general aviation airports, Air Platinum Club offers morning and evening round-trip jet service between major city pairs in the continental U.S. and transatlantic flights to Paris from any major U.S. city.  What’s more Air Platinum Club facilitates all additional transportation needs for members in any given destination. 

Air Platinum Club owns it own fleet of planes, yachts and cars and employs a full-time staff of seasoned pilots, yacht captains, crew, chauffeurs and maintenance technicians. All 10 Air Platinum pilots are full-time and gold-rated.

Premium Travel at its Best
Reservations can be made with as little as 24 hours notice and from the moment they are greeted at the airport’s exclusive Turnberry Aviation facility, a world-class hangar with state-of-the-art amenities

and benefits, Air Platinum Club members enjoy the comfort, privacy and efficiency typical of privately owned business aircraft – with none of the hassles, delays and congestion of bustling airports. Members are required to arrive only 30 minutes prior to their scheduled departure and can wait in a private lounge or meeting room. An Air Platinum Club representative attends to luggage at all times and takes care of the requisite formalities, including check-in process. A hostess remains at travelers’ disposal throughout the flight to accommodate requests.  The planes feature fully reclining seats, flat-screen televisions, sofas, desks, club tables, galleys and large windows.  Complete onboard communication facilities are offered as well.

Limousine service is provided upon arrival and prior to departure for all flights.  In South Florida members can choose to be chauffer-driven in the club’s Rolls Royce Phantom or Cadillac Escalade ESV or, in a high-adrenaline alternate, drive themselves in a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other exotic sports car.  Private and secure parking is available at all airports. Helicopter transport for connecting flights at major airports can be arranged.  

Luxury yachts like the Doral Alegria 50 and the Lazzara LSX Quad 75, which accommodates 16 people, are also offered to members in South Florida as is a three-bedroom, three-bath condominium at the plush Acqualina Resort & Spa situated on four and a half beachfront acres in Miami Beach. The Acqualina boasts two acclaimed restaurants, three oceanfront swimming pools and an innovative marine biology-based children’s program.

Safety First
Air Platinum Club is an Aero Air Charters partner. Corporate shuttle flights are operated under Department of Transportation regulation Part 135 by Aero Air Charters as a direct air carrier and Air Platinum Club as an indirect air carrier. Commitment to best practices in pilot training and experience, progressive aircraft maintenance and flawless safety histories are requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified Part 135 operators serving the clients of Air Platinum. FAA-certified Part 135 air carriers providing service to Air Platinum Club members are carefully reviewed by leading safety programs.
One-time “Experience Package”
Air Platinum Club offers a one-time “experience” package for interested members that includes a single, round-trip flight to any destination in the continental U.S.


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