A vocation for excellence


Over the years, the brand has forged itself a peerless reputation in the luxury world by conceiving sparkling creations in which time is illuminated by an eternal radiance. Once again, diamonds catch fire at the skilled hands of the master-jewellers who have crafted four dazzling creations that perpetuate the art of the infinitely precious – subtly discreet in some cases and breathtakingly visible in others – with a degree of virtuosity verging on the sublime.

These exceptional models were born in Piaget’s Geneva jewellery atelier, currently the largest of its kind in the area. Initially emerging as gouache-painted masterpieces, their outlines gradually took shape, steadily gaining relief to the point of revealing the cut of the precious stones. Then came the wax models, the first three-dimensional representations enabling the craftsmen to appraise the volumes and the overall harmony. The chatons intended to house the gems were then individually made using a gold wire, after which each rigorously selected diamond was delicately poised in its appointed place.

Dexterity, visual acuity and experience combine to provide each gemstone with the setting that will best highlight its radiance. After thousands of hours of patient, skilled craftsmanship lavished on them by the goldsmiths and gem-setters, the Piaget jewellery dreams spring to vibrant life. While the design of these four Haute Joaillerie creations testifies to the variety of inspiration and the creative independence of the Maison, the techniques employed have followed the same complex path over the past 50 years, entirely dedicated to the relentless pursuit of perfection.

The resolutely round Haute Joaillerie Limelight watch has enjoyed ever-growing success since its creation. Its classic and timeless shape is matched by a contemporary style that keeps its firmly centre-stage. Lit up by 537 diamonds totalling 40 carats, it subtly alternates between brilliant and princess cuts performing a splendid dance that subtly highlights its extreme slenderness. Resembling a gleaming fabric of gold and diamonds, the smoothly-fitting bracelet is in itself a gem-setting and gemmological challenge requiring perfectly calibrated stones able to naturally follow the curve of its tapered profile.

Alongside this stunning model, three new “secret” watches introduced in 2009 conceal the passing of time beneath a gleaming cloak of light. The lines of the first two echo the world of haute couture. Whether in small or large versions, they exude an extraordinary sense of flowing elegance. Adorned with 250 baguette-cut diamonds in the large version, the bracelet is draped in precious ribbons that seem about to come untied, offering a vivid reminder that Piaget is definitely the jeweller of movement. The asymmetrical design lends a modern touch, reinforced by the cloisonné gem-setting. Simply pressing the gem-set cover reveals a magnificent dial crafted in iridescent marquetry-worked mother-of-pearl and set with round-cut diamonds. Once closed, the watch returns to its role as a full-fledge piece of jewellery in its own right.

870 hours of intricate workmanship and 200 hours of gem-setting were required to achieve the incredibly bold final result of a piece that is truly amazing both in terms of its design and its execution called for almost.

The third secret watch stems from an exuberant garden in which nature reigns supreme. The luxuriant diamond vegetation, cleverly blending pear, brilliant and baguette cuts, unfolds its extraordinary radiance on a dainty feminine wrist. Two leaves, each composed of a fabulous marquise-cut diamond conceal a double mystery: at a gentle touch is enough to raise them and reveal a Polynesian mother-of-pearl dial and another all gem-set one. The invisible opening mechanism has a magical quality all its own.

These 76.2 carats of luminous delicately interwoven motifs represent a prodigious feat of custom-made jewellery-making: no less than 1050 hours of development and 160 hours of gem-setting have been lavished on achieving a quality and finish taken to dizzying heights of perfection.

vocation based on expertise and a love of fresh challenges, as well as boundless creativity and the determination to “always do better than necessary”. The brand motto is once again illustrated through this array of fairytale models testifying to the talent and genius of its dedicated artisans.


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