World Patrimony Masterpieces in Moscow

There are timepiece collections, like those magnificent music compositions, which time doesn’t have power over. Making one perfect music instrument that could sound fantastic for centuries and combining hundreds of parts in one harmonic timepiece movement has a lot in common since the two crafts are impossible without equally faultless craftsmanship.
The traditional watch with its most reserved style, amazing refinement and nobleness is being made by a master watchmaker joining some sixty different parts. This way he comes really close to a virtuoso conductor, the master of acoustic matters, which directs musicians to turning quintessentially human emotions into sounds. Such creations are classic treasures that exist above time and time could not exert power over them.
The guests of Tretyakov Art Gallery had the chance to see that themselves on November 28 night. In the Vrubel Hall, they enjoyed the symphonic concert presenting the world music heritage performed by the «Musica Viva» Academic Chamber Orchestra conducted by People’s Artist of Russia, famous conductor Alexander Rudin.   Sine Bundgaard, the best soprano ofRoyal Danish Opera, came to Russia to sing to the guests of the Tretyakov Art Gallery. The concert program included compositions by Josef Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
The Tretyakov Gallery guests included Russian Celebrities and VIP: Vladimir Pozner, Konstantin Remchukov, Alla &Vladimir Ruga, Ruslan Nigmatukkin, Andrei Rudenko, Alexander Smelaynskiy, Nikas Safronov, Inna Guinkevich, Ekaterina&Alexander Strizhenov with their daughter Sasha, Mariana Maksimovskaya, Andrei Boiko.
After the concert, Vacheron Constantin with participation of Cognac House of Courvoisier gave a special reception. The guests were served the Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif cocktails and Courvoisier XO in the classic variant. The upscale Potel & Chabot hors d’oeuvres underlined the amazing beverages’ exquisite flavors.


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