Vertu is proud to unveil the Coloured Diamonds Collection


Vertu is proud to unveil the  Vertu Coloured Diamonds Collection, the latest editions to join the Vertu Signature line of handsets inspired by ‘haute joaillerie’ and Grand Complication timepieces. Embodying the perfection of form and fine craftsmanship, the latest two special editions demonstrate Vertu’s commitment in producing products of rarity and exclusivity.

Both of the stunning new variants – Signature Rose Gold Pink Diamonds and Signature Rose Gold Pink Sapphires – takes Vertu’s skilled craftsmen one month to hand-set, using a combination of 18 Carat Rose Gold and pink diamonds, pink sapphires and rubies of the highest quality.

The timeless and elegant Vertu Signature Collection follows the tradition of Grand Complication timepieces, with every part made to Vertu’s exacting design. For instance, eight designers spent a total of four years perfecting the feel of the keypad. It can take one of Vertu’s craftsmen up to three years to learn how to assemble a Signature. This latest Coloured Diamonds Collection is a contribution to Vertu’s vision to create the finest handsets in the world.

“Signature is a very special collection for Vertu,” said Chris Harris, Global Marketing Director. “It was our first handset and as such is where we continually strive to achieve the highest possible standards of design, craftsmanship and exclusivity. These two new additions, which include very rare gems such as pink diamonds and sapphires, are fitting additions to this iconic range”.

The Signature Rose Gold Pink Diamonds contains 923 precious stones, with an average of 7.2 carats on each phone. These pink diamonds are very rare and are only found in the Argyle mine in Australia. The Signature Rose Gold Pink Sapphires contains 385 stones, with an average of 2.1 carats on each phone. Each stone is unique in size and shape, and is chosen specifically to fit the pattern on each handset, making every piece unique. Only made to order, they are for those who desire something to set them apart.


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