Driven by the passion of Norberto Ferretti, and made possible by the years of research carried out by Ferretti’s AYT Advanced Yacht Technology – the Ferretti group design and research centre led by

Andrea Frabetti – in collaboration with the Studio Zuccon International Project, the new 75 feet Long Range 23 embodies a real distillation of innovation and technology.

On the occasion of the 40th BOOT DÜSSELDORF Mochi Craft, creator of the Lobster Boat Italian Style, displays two models that fully represent the excellence of its fleet: Dolphin 54′ and Dolphin 44′. Dolphin 54′ also available in Fly bridge version is an extremely innovative and elegant yacht offering in 54 feet 3 cabins and extensive spaces with nautical flavour and an emphasis on the use of wood. The elegant lobster boat retains all the sophisticated vintage style embodied by the entire fleet, together with the sweet sailing characteristics, cutting edge technical equipment and high performance of previous models, perfecting them with a further reduction in gas and noise emissions, allowing owners to feel they are truly at one with the surrounding environment, an emotional response given formal recognition by module Aa Noise Emission according to standard UNI EN ISO 14509, which responds to the demands of EC Directive 94/25 as amended by 2003/44/EC concerning environmental pollution.

Dolphin 44′ embodies in 13 metres all the distinctive characteristics of the MOCHI CRAFT lobsterboats. Its strong personality is obvious from the very first glance, with the coral livery, the colour offered by the yard, giving the yacht a vivacious, glamorous air. The colour of its wood trims and fine upholstery fabrics complete the impression of luxury and elegance.

Anyone boarding the boat will immediately be struck by the new configuration of the 44 foot yacht, an open that’s made for seafaring enjoyment:

– The large cockpit opens directly into the dinette, which can be opened or closed by a light fabric screen allowing the living area to be air-conditioned

– The generous spaces of the cockpit and dinette, furnished with comfy corner couches, welcome guests into an atmosphere immersed in light and sky

– The spacious forward sunpad allows up to four people to stretch out in comfort

– A platform opening out at the stern extends the cockpit at sea level to create a small “beach” that’s ideal for total enjoyment of the sea

Conceived for lovers of long-distance cruising and extended voyages, the Long Range 23 is the first craft to obtain the RINA “Green Star Clean Energy and Clean Propulsion” certification, the most rigorous certification standard that can be applied to a pleasure craft.

The brand new Long Range 23 makes its debut backed by two exceptional innovations:

– The revolutionary “Zero Emission Mode” hybrid propulsion system: zero emission sailing becomes reality with technology developed by Ferretti’s AYT – Advanced Yacht Technology. The new hybrid propulsion system allows the craft to be managed in 5 different ways – easily controlled through a touch-screen display – ranging from the traditional diesel function to the zero emissions mode, using different combinations of diesel engine, electric engine, inverter, batteries and generator. The Long Range 23 features the most cutting edge technology now on the market, offering owners the opportunity to select the propulsion mode that best reflects the needs of the moment – sailing, for example, in unpolluted areas with total respect for the environment, lying at mooring with zero emissions while accessing all the boat’s electrical facilities or entering and leaving port in absolute silence while creating no smoky exhaust emissions. The innovative hybrid propulsion combines the reliability of the traditional diesel, which when selected transmits power directly to the propellers, with the ability to cruise in “Zero Emission Mode'”, driven by two 70 kW synchronous electric motors applied in series to the propeller shaft and engaging with the reduction gears. The motors are powered by a pack of Lithium ion batteries, the most advanced technology in this field.

– The new FER.WEY (Ferretti Wave Efficient Yacht) trans-planing hull ensures higher hydrodynamic efficiency than other planing or displacement hulls, thanks to the innovative design of thedepth surface, permitting the boat to avoid adopting the usual stern-down (“pooped”) attitude when speed is increased. The new FER.WEY hull also reduces the typical roll experienced by displacement hulls and improves static stability by up to 50%. Its special design, with longitudinal tunnels protecting the props and a horizontal base on the bow bulb, allows the boat to rest on sandy bottoms and stay moored in locations subject to tides.


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