THE NEW MAGELLANO 50: An authentic passion for cruising.


Finally, she is the first craft to be fitted with the new Easy Hybrid system, an exclusive project created by the Azimut-Benetti R&D department that allows her to cruise at up to 8 knots using electric motors, in complete silence and with the greatest ease and control.

The world preview of the Magellano 50 shall take place at the Genoa International Boat Show (2-10 October 2010). She is the mid-sized model of the new Magellano range, created by Azimut for all those yachtsmen who are seeking an ever-more-genuine cruising experience, where love of the sea and the pleasures of boating are the starring players.

A high level of eco-compatibility, safety and cruising stability in all sea conditions, long range, easy handling and fuel efficiency, top comfort for extended staying on board and a natural exquisite taste: these are the characteristics of this innovative craft, where for the first time, modern style and seafaring tradition have come together in perfect harmony.

An avant-garde classic for cruising and experiencing the yachting lifestyle in total freedom has arrived.

Optimum eco-compatibility

For many years now, Azimut Yachts has considered the quest for optimum eco-compatibility as one of its top priorities. For this reason, being the world’s first shipyard to achieve RINA Green Plus notation in the mid-sized vessel segment is an exceptional triumph for the company’s design team. The Magellano 50 meets all the requisites demanded: from her low-emission engines (the Magellano 50 is powered by two brand-new latest-generation 425 mHP Cummins common rail engines, with electronic fuel-consumption management) to her high-performance hull and propellers; from the anti-UV film applied to reduce heat exchange through the glass surfaces to the tracking of consumption and tank levels, with a charging and discharging log; and from the LED lighting to the infusion lamination of the principal fibreglass components, a procedure carried out in the Azimut shipyard in Avigliana, which has been awarded the ISO 14001 Environment standard certificate.
Further certification, from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), guarantees that the wood used on board comes from forests that are managed in conformity with eco-sustainability criteria (scheduled felling, and replanting the trees used), and that the working process is sufficiently eco-compatible to respect social standards, too.

Easy Hybrid engines

The Magellano 50 offers a hybrid propulsion configuration, an optional feature that is sure to be chosen by an increasing number of owners, considering the advantages it holds: almost total elimination of noise (up to 80%), greater cruising comfort and a further reduction of consumption during short day-cruising outings.

Hybrid propulsion is provided by backing up the traditional engines with two 20 Kilowatt electric motors connected to batteries, which are charged on shore and kept topped-up by the on-board generators. The electric motors operate when the diesel propulsion systems are stopped, giving the Magellano 50 a top speed of 8 knots. As soon as a higher speed is required, the traditional engines kick in. It is possible to switch from one propulsion system to the other automatically, so the skipper only has to decide the vessel’s speed.

Designed to provide safety

The Magellano range is designed for long hauls, and for cruising in all possible sea and weather conditions, especially unexpected ones. For this reason, the Magellano 50 is homologated in class A and features the exclusive Dual Mode hull, a state-of-the-art semi-displacement hull designed by Bill Dixon, creator of sailing and motorboat projects that are universally considered excellent. The distinguishing characteristics of the hull are its deep-V bow section, a very shallow deadrise at the stern, wide chines and a distinctive soft section in the middle which acts like a shock absorber. All of these factors contribute towards making the switch between displacement and planing crusing extremely easy, guaranteeing both optimum stability, soft ride, and great responsiveness and efficiency of the hull. The vertical bow also reduce the pitching acceleration, making for more comfortable sailing. Together with more favourable balance between the lateral area below the waterline and the craft’s vertical centre of gravity, as well as a distinguishing underbody, the yacht guarantees a perfect directional stability, excellent manoeuvrability and it is less likely to be effected by wind at anchor. On board, the gangways and warp areas are wide and safe. The tender can be easily and quickly hoisted onto the bathing platform and stowed in a semi-garage beneath the cockpit: a solution never seen in the yacht sector before now. Simplicity and safety of use are combined with the application of technologies such as the joystick for manoeuvring, the Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilization system, the touch screen VDU for on-board monitoring, the completely clean and clear bow area, the high external handrails protecting every part of the main deck and the flybridge, and the presence of grabrails positioned everywhere they are needed and integrated perfectly into the furnishings.

Designed to be experienced

The lower deck is a masterpiece of design, and is the only one in the world offered in motor yachts of this length that allows the owner to choose between 4 options. In the spacious area between the master cabin, located midships, and the VIP cabin in the bow, it is possible to choose the studio and guest cabin configuration, or studio and second dinette, or a second dinette and guest cabin, or, finally, a studio and separate utility area, with laundry and dryer and additional stowage space. This possibility of customizing the vessel strengthens the bond between the owner and his Magellano 50.

Light reaches the lower deck through several openings, filtering through the exposed windscreen and the large windows gracing every cabin. The fittings, the upholstery materials and the natural colours are inspired by the seafaring tradition and reinterpreted by the Azimut Yachts Styling Centre in a contemporary key.

The Magellano range by Azimut Yachts

The Magellano range is the latest product of the great innovative capacity, design expertise and manufacturing technology that make Azimut Yachts a leader in the world yachting industry. A mere year since the launch of the first model, the Magellano 50 will take her place beside the larger Magellano 74 and will soon be followed by a third model in the 40′ series, with the objective of developing a Magellano range in a few short years, which is suited to the diverse requirements of owners.


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