Planika Glass Fires – Eco Ethanol Fuelled


Alfresco areas overlooking these areas are bringing the outside inside and visa versa allowing people far more use from their investment into the lifestyle of owning a pool.

Woodpecker has bought to Australia the Planika Glass Fire which not only lends itself to indoor use but has the portability of bringing warmth and ambience to your pool area as dusk falls. These stunning, contemporary designs combine an elegant marriage of glass, stone, chrome and wood which allows it the versatility to blend with all forms of outdoor landscaping designs.

What makes the Woodpecker’s Planika Glass Fire so special? The secret not only lies in a real beautiful orange flame dancing in a glass cylinder, which is fuelled on environmentally friendly ethanol. There is no installation required, no pipes, plumbing, nothing that causes these gorgeous accessories to remain fixed to one area. It can be built in or fully portable. You can bring the Planika out as desired and then placed out of the way during those busy daylight hours.

The versatility of The Planika is what places it in it’s a category of its own remembering can be placed anywhere in the home, at work, inside or out, poolside or anywhere where ambience is appreciated.


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